Photo of Mr Thomas A Baillieul

Thomas Baillieul

Tom holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Earth Science from the University of Massachusetts, and hs worked in such diverse areas as: mineral exploration around the world; preparing environmental impact studies for the U. S. Government; and leading the clean-up of retired nuclear facilities. As an undergraduate he also engaged in music performance, theater (stage management), was student manager of the University Bands (Marching, Concert, Symphonic), and participated in the University’s Concert Association which brought world-class musicians and groups to campus. In recent years he has become an award-winning visual artist, and has participated on the boards of the Ohio Art League, and the Clintonville Arts Guild. Currently, Tom works part-time as the Exhibitions Coordinator for the Columbus Cultural Arts Center.

Photo of Erin Canales

Erin Canales

Photo of Katie Davis

Katie Davis

I am a mixed media abstract painter living in Columbus, OH

Photo of Katie Davis

Katie Davis

Painter and Installation Artist

Katie is a mixed media painter/installation artist whose work blends together her experience with interior design, the choas of being a mother, and her love of drawing, abstraction, and found materials.

Photo of Carla Oesterle

Carla Oesterle


paper fiber music

Photo of Cat Sheridan

Cat Sheridan

Riffe Gallery director

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Photo of Kathy Signorino

Kathy Signorino

IA Director

It is all about me.

Photo of Tara Kathleen Smith

Tara Smith


Tara is an arts administrator from Columbus, OH with experience in nonprofit funding, theatrical producing, and arts programming. She received her Bachelors in Theatre from Otterbein University in 2017 and has since worked at several arts organizations around Columbus, including the Ohio Arts Council, the Ohio Prison Arts Connection, and Otterbein University’s Department of Theatre and Dance.…

Nathaniel Underwood

My studio practice typically involves representation of actual observed spaces through analytical and objective questioning. My subjects include figuration, interior scenes, and urban landscapes.