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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Katherine Adkins



Katherine Adkins (born 1988 in Huntington, WV) received her BFA in Fine Art at Columbus College of Art and Design and her MFA in Painting at Cranbrook Academy of Art. She has held her painting studio in Chicago, Detroit, Charleston, SC, and now Columbus, OH. She has exhibited at Cranbrook Museum of Art, Huntington Museum of Art, Stove Works in Chattanooga, TN, James May Gallery, Roy G Biv, and Youngspace. In addition to numerous private collections, her work belongs in collections at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Greater Columbus Convention Center, and Greenleaf Art Center. She has been an arts educator at Columbus College of Art and Design, Cranbrook Art Museum, Vineyard Community Center, and Evanston Art Center.

Artist Statement

My paintings vividly wrestle the morphing of time and material through complex grid systems. Each brushstroke catalogs a moment in time. I meander through disjointed passages of painted pattern, bridging disparate motifs, filling each piece with an all-over spread. By painting patches in a nonlinear format, jumping from one passage to the next, I show the past, present, and future within one picture plane.


My work allows me to create and solve my own puzzles in my own way. The accumulation of paint records temporal labor. I create open-ended abstraction as a window for viewers to enter, with their own feelings and associations separate from, but connected to, my personal storyline. 
I use acrylic and oil paint, mixed with aggregates like sand and foils. My substrates include shaped paper pulp forms and canvas. Recycled pulp substrates resemble stony textural slates evoking resurrected material, while canvas substrates carry the lineage of painting’s history. 

My paintings chase the manifestation of love and passion through time. Paint’s fluidity mirrors the fluidity of time, depicting and transcending the systems to which we belong.