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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Patricia Acker

Author, Illustrator
Home 2320 Commonwealth Dr 2320 Commonwealth Dr County: Greene
Xenia OH 45385 United States
Home Phone: 937-562-3109


     I am a retired healthcare Social Worker with experience in long term care, adult daycare, home health care and sixteen years of hospice care.  I was a childbirth and breastfeeding educator while I raised a family and attended college part-time.  I parented my five teens, including one “adopted” at age 13 , as a single mom, worked fulltime and attended graduate school in counseling.  I have been a life-long volunteer, including providing an unpaid home for pregnant teens and often their babies.  I am active in my church and have a very deep and personal faith in God.  I have loved art but was not formally trained.  I use art to help me to stay grounded, to find my peaceful center as I get lost in the process of art.  I have done many portraits, including animals.  

My first story about the death of my father was published in “Small Miracles for Women”, an internationally read series of books. I eventually self-published a book of short Hospice stories, “The Dying Teach Us How to Live”.  Tender stories of faith, hope, love, angels, forgiveness and near death experiences are my first-hand accounts when attending deaths as a hospice social worker. My paintings include actual portraits of my patients as my gift.  My second book, “God Winks, Stepping Stones in the Storms of Life” is not yet published.  Currently I am writing and illustrating my third book while researching publishing agents or traditional publishers for my trilogy of books. 

My artwork includes many types of mixed media including oil, acrylic, duct tape, charcoal, ink, pencil, pastel, craft items, and crayon. I repurpose frames and supplies.  my work includes 2-D and 3-D items.  

Please check out my art gallery on my website:  Thank you for the opportunity to share my life’s work! 


Artist Statement

Art is my outlet and helps me to cope with life’s frustrations.  My hope is that my books and illustrations will bring hope and peace to others who are experiencing challenges in their lives.  

My art is determined by the frames that I find.  I like to find the perfect artwork for particular frames.  I am using all framed mirrors for my third book because I love the way light reflects in unusual ways.  I have a Covid project that utilized a mirror inside a wooden book shelf.  It has one glass shelf inside that delineates the top of the ocean scene with the bottom.  It has electric lights to illuminate the many ocean inhabitants, mermaid, chest of coins, whales, sharks, fish, crabs, turtles, etc.  

Life is enriched with the beauty of nature, art, animals, and each other.  Art allows us to see life in different expressive ways and can bridge differing cultures and languages.  Art is universal for all peoples and societies. I had classes in art therapy and was always impressed with the ability of art to open minds and hearts.  

I hope to find a publisher who appreciates the power of inspirational stories for all of us who struggle to find hope in a confusing and often angry world. We can help each other to make a difference.