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Photo of Susan Susan Hanna

Susan Hanna

Field of Poppies

Susan Hanna paints portraits of men and women in the news.  Using her cell phone as a prop, she brings to life the complex personalities of politicians and pundits.  Painting a glimmer of a smile or an intense keen searching gaze, Susan shows the characteristics of an individual and the experiences that go into the makeup of a significant life.…

Photo of Mark Yale Harris

Mark Yale Harris realized his true passion – stone carving – in the 1990s. Having moved to Santa Fe, he was mentored by sculptors Bill Prokopiof (Aleut) and Doug Hyde (Nez Perce). Over the past twenty years, Harris has unrelentingly challenged and reveled in his creative side. Harris’ works in alabaster, marble, limestone and bronze express his perspective on the inherent duality in mans’ essence.…

Photo of Mr Nicholas C Hartman

Nicholas Hartman

Artist Painter

Nickolas Hartman graduated from Full Sail Orlando with a degree in Digital Media Arts as well as a vocational diploma from Lakewood High in traditional graphic design. He has lived between Cleveland Ohio and Sarasota Florida for the past decade, though he lives in Cleveland full time. He has spent the last fifteen years developing his unique style of abstract painting. He is represented by Leonides Arts New York.

Photo of Jacqueline Jacques Hatcher

Jacqueline Hatcher

Visual Artist

Resides in Toledo Ohio and has taught art for over 20 years. In 1994 and 1997 two pieces were selected by a juried show and displayed by the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo titled, “In My Mind” and “Sunday Best”. Later, ten of her pieces hung in the mayor’s office during black history month in 2001, and as an artist of the month for the Catharine S. Eberly Center for Women located at the University of Toledo in 2016. Her most recent piece titled “Beautiful” gained the honor of being displayed in the governor’s mansion in Columbus Ohio representing visual arts for women veterans in August of 2018.
She attended Capella University, American Intercontinental University, Lourdes University, Davis Junior College, and has completed research towards an EdD graphing the connection of technology, fine arts and core subjects.
Having an entrepreneur spirit prompted her to create “Art by Jacqueline” a freelance illustrating company specializing in a variety of artistic services. Loving art at the age of six has guided her on a path dedicated to using art in many ways to promote therapeutic creativity, education, a sense of community, fun, and visual enjoyment.

Photo of Mr. Bruce C Hathaway

Bruce Hathaway


With a background in metal work of more than 47 years, I turned my skills to sculpture in 1999. Working primarily with Stainless Steel and Aluminum, my works are held in both private and public collections. I have exhibited extensively in northeast as well as in Ohio and Michigan. The featured artist at Sculpture Fest 2014/15 in Woodstock, Vermont, I am a member of the New England Sculptors Association.

Photo of Rod Hayslip

In his paintings, Rod Hayslip focuses on the visual richness of people and places.  He seeks the narratives of life where every element of human diversity can be found woven together—in the cities.  These rhythms of everyday life are fused to the visual patterns of movement and light.  

Hayslip utilizes pigments in oils, acrylics and latex—often on the same piece—to paint highly orchestrated urban scenes.  The line between painter and theatrical producer seems to blur as he stages his lead actors and supporting cast.  He frequently choses high, almost aerial, vantage points for his compositions.  These created stories assume a life of their own once they leave the studio as each following viewer imagines a narrative of their own making.  

Rod Hayslip received a Bachelor of Art Education from the Ohio State University.  He is a nationally awarded contemporary artist who has studied with Pheoris West, Mark Gingrich and Jerry Weiss.  Hayslip is also a signature member of the American Impressionist Society.  He currently resides in Delaware County, Ohio.

Photo of Frank Herrmann

For me the most exciting painting is the painting I haven’t yet made, those problems I haven’t yet solved. Making paintings, is a difficult proposition and I know that one really never learns how to paint. For me, each painting is a mistake, asking a question that points toward the possibility of the next painting. What I want for my paintings is that painting on the other side of Rembrandt’s easel, the one that has not been revealed. Almost four centuries his painting still asks questions about painting and the future of painting. The painting unseen. I want that!

Photo of John Charles Holliger

From my youngest years there was never a time when my dad did not see me as a photographer. I photographed as my father had taught me, and I was an apprentice to the voices within and to other photographers who like myself, did not have degrees but whose names are known and whose work is published. Photographers have always learned the art from other photographers. The science of photography is easy. But the path of listening and being attentive to the voices of others, and the creative, imaginative voice within is hard, difficult, demanding, unrelenting, never finished. This creating is hard because creating people are doing and making and thinking things into being which did not exist before this moment. That’s why it’s hard, and why being passionate seems like a soft work for being possessed with the spirit to create.

Photography for some, is a manner of living, a way of living that continually is shaping the way we look and see and gaze, not with a stare or a glare, but with a soft look of love for this earth.

Photo of Mr. Jon Barlow HUDSON


Master Fine Arts

I was born in Montana in 1945 & at age 6 we moved to Saudi Arabia for three years, which began my travels all round the world. Since receiving my MFA in 1972 from Cal-Arts, followed by 2 years at a CA gold mine, I have been creating large-scale sculpture projects for public environments throughout the States & in 27 countries round the world — 24 throughout China alone.

Photo of Blake Hughes

Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Visual Arts with Focus in Painting – Marshall University 2010

Art Show International – Honorable Mention Award in Abstract Category, Online Juried Exhibiton Show. February – March 2021.

Yellowstone Art Museum – Art Auction & Group Show, Billings, MT. January 2021 – March 2021.…

Photo of Linda Hutchinson

Linda Hutchinson


I am a painter who works in oil, watercolor, and all drawing mediums. My preferred subjects are the human face and figure, as well as aging architectural elements. There is an interaction between subject and ground that I cannot resist. Distillation of intent into a simple essence is my goal.