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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

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Photo of Ms. Jennifer Grace Ditlevson Haglund

Jennifer Ditlevson Haglund is a writer with a diverse background, having worked in news, education, and marketing. 

Ditlevson Haglund was born in Oklahoma, lived in Nebraska, and eventually grew up in Northeastern Ohio. She earned a BA in English and Journalism at Ashland University, and an MA in English at Baylor University. Her work has been published in Refinery 29, Christianity Today, Christ and Pop Culture, and local newspapers.

Photo of Sean Hahn

My name is Sean Hahn. I am originally from south west Ohio. I’m an artist that primarily works with acrylic and fiber.

Photo of Brittni Hall

I work in oil for its complexity, boldness and richness. I find with the vast array of solvents I am able to mold the oil paint into creations of movement with a conjunction of abstraction. The movement in each piece enables me to create some paintings that are soft and light, and others that are bold and dynamic. Often times my pieces are derived from nature or natural events that are meant to evoke thought and emotion through the movement and color in each piece.

Photo of Edward Edward John Hallahan Jr

BFA, Youngstown State University, Painting /Drawing
MFA, Ohio State University, Sculpture /Drawing

Photo of James A Hamilton

James is a professional engineer and artist, living and working in the Columbus area. Painting is his passion. 

Photo of Joseph G Hamilton

Joe’s upbringing by a compulsive, eclectic, stay at home mother and obsessive blue-collar father has instilled creativity and attention to details in his work ethic. Influenced by his mother’s vast art text library, professional artist friends, and National Geographic Magazines strewn about the childhood home, Joe has developed a fascination with the diversity of the human form and condition.

Photo of Julia Hamilton

Julia Hamilton earned her Master of Fine Arts at Columbus College of Art and Design in 2019. Hamilton enjoys creating intricate line drawings and mixed media paintings in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio. She has loved creating art since childhood. Her artwork has been referred to as “graceful-yet-intense.”

Photo of Quinn A Hanna

Quinn Hanna

Ohio University BFA Student

Quinn Hanna is currently working on her undergrad at Ohio University studying ceramics inclusive of crafting pottery and ceramic sculpture. Starting ceramics at the age of 12, Quinn was featured in the Columbus Dispatch at age 16 followed by her acceptance into the School of Fine Arts at OU. She was awarded the 2022 Ohio Emerging Artist Award by the Ohio Designer Craftsmen. Quinn’s work currently explores the figurative area of sculptor utilizing matte surface development while often incorporating mixed media. The subjects of her pieces often reflect the subjects in her life and surroundings incorporating inspiration from natural forms.
Upon graduation, Quinn plans to pursue grad school to obtain a Masters in Fine Arts in hopes of teaching ceramics at the collegiate level.

Photo of Susan Susan Hanna

Susan Hanna

Field of Poppies

Susan Hanna paints portraits of men and women in the news.  Using her cell phone as a prop, she brings to life the complex personalities of politicians and pundits.  Painting a glimmer of a smile or an intense keen searching gaze, Susan shows the characteristics of an individual and the experiences that go into the makeup of a significant life.…

Photo of Cassandra Harner

Cassandra Harner is already familiar with thinking of herself in the third person, performing as alter-egos in music, drag, and comedy. She is a draglesque performer named Dusty Bucket, and a self-absorbed piece of art-work, Kay-T Critiques. She’s most recently been awarded Master of Amazement for Ohio Burlypicks 2020. She is a video artist and editor. She’s an illustrator and instructor of comics and pastel portraits. She has led classes in drag, camming, video art, and drawing. She’s an oversharer and radically vulnerable. She’s queer and kind of swears a lot. 

In the pastiche of Cassandra’s artistic practice, there are two main pillars holding it aloft: camp and fashion. If her audience isn’t laughing or at least bewildered, she is not fulfilled. Art isn’t limited to being gravely nodded at, in quiet contemplation from a safe distance. (Although nowadays, everything should be a safe 6 feet away) Being “serious” isn’t the only way to make thoughtful and legitimate work, even when it’s about queer identity, pop culture, art theory, or capitalism. She may have more to reveal than just a wig underneath another wig underneath another wig.

Or maybe, she just loves a gimmick.

Photo of Jen P Harris

Jen P. Harris (b. 1977, she/they) is an artist, designer, and organizer based in Cleveland following significant stints in Los Angeles, New York, and Iowa City. Her work across media asks: how can art help us sense our entanglement, with each other and with a world that is never still and is always surprising?…

Photo of Mark Yale Harris

Mark Yale Harris realized his true passion – stone carving – in the 1990s. Having moved to Santa Fe, he was mentored by sculptors Bill Prokopiof (Aleut) and Doug Hyde (Nez Perce). Over the past twenty years, Harris has unrelentingly challenged and reveled in his creative side. Harris’ works in alabaster, marble, limestone and bronze express his perspective on the inherent duality in mans’ essence.…

Photo of Susanna Harris

Susanna Harris

Museum and Gallery Assistant

Susanna Harris, based in Columbus, Ohio, is an interdisciplinary artist working in print media, installation, and photography. Her work is situated at the intersection of resilience in environmental destruction, and through the human condition.

Photo of Alexander Stidham Hartke

Alexander Hartke

Glass Artist, teacher

Currently working at the Toledo Museum of Art, Glass Pavilion as a technician, he finds passion in the work he does to help others experience glass everyday. With the help of friends and family, a collaborative effort to build a glass working studio in his garage, where he works to make delicate flower sculptures, teach lessons, and inspire others to work, collaborate and share the joys of glass together.

Photo of Mr Nicholas C Hartman

Nicholas Hartman

Artist Painter

Nickolas Hartman graduated from Full Sail Orlando with a degree in Digital Media Arts as well as a vocational diploma from Lakewood High in traditional graphic design. He has lived between Cleveland Ohio and Sarasota Florida for the past decade, though he lives in Cleveland full time. He has spent the last fifteen years developing his unique style of abstract painting. He is represented by Leonides Arts New York.

Photo of Ms. Jacqueline Jacques Hatcher

Jacqueline Hatcher

Visual Artist

Resides in Toledo Ohio and has taught art for over 20 years. Ten of her pieces hung in the mayor’s office during black history month in 2001, and as an artist of the month for the Catharine S. Eberly Center for Women located at the University of Toledo in 2016. Her most recent piece titled “Beautiful” gained the honor of being displayed in the governor’s mansion in Columbus Ohio representing visual arts for women veterans in August of 2018.
Having an entrepreneurial spirit prompted her to create “Art by Jacqueline” a freelance illustrating company specializing in a variety of artistic services. Loving art at the age of six has guided her on a path dedicated to using art in many ways to promote therapeutic creativity, education, a sense of community, fun, and visual enjoyment.

Photo of Mr. Bruce C Hathaway

Bruce Hathaway


With a background in metal work of more than 47 years, I turned my skills to sculpture in 1999. Working primarily with Stainless Steel and Aluminum, my works are held in both private and public collections. I have exhibited extensively in northeast as well as in Ohio and Michigan. The featured artist at Sculpture Fest 2014/15 in Woodstock, Vermont, I am a member of the New England Sculptors Association.

Photo of Rod Hayslip

Award winning artist Rod Hayslip holds a degree in Art Education. He has exhibited in group and solo shows throughout the United States and Japan and his art is included in private and corporate collections throughout North America. He became a Signature Member of the American Impressionist Society in 2019 and was also given the “Award of Distinction” by Judge Kevin Mcpherson. He has studied with Pheoris West and Valerie Craig.

Rod currently resides in Central Ohio where he creates both in the studio and outdoors. He is the Lead Host for Central Ohio Plein Air (COPA), one of America’s most active outdoor art making groups. He is also a member of the Ohio Plein Air Society and the Worthington Area Art League.

Photo of AJ Heckman

AJ Heckman is a resident and native of Columbus, Ohio. Heckman has been a creative arts specialist in special needs early childhood education since 2018. He earned his BFA in Studio Painting and Drawing from Ohio University.

Heckman led and performed in a band as a singer, songwriter and guitar player from 2006 to 2014.…

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