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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Samuel Adebuga

Home 2473 Winding Hills Drive County: Franklin
Columbus Ohio 43224 United States
Home Phone: 614-641-1291


Ohio-based artist Samuel Adebuga draws from a successful graphic design career and editorial illustration experience. “Art is a language that has given me access to new narratives, using mixed-media to exaggerate details in mostly traditional based motifs.” My paintings, largely autobiographical, are acute observations of constant transformation of everything that life dictates in society at large. Adebuga’s process is self revealing, and I uses it to investigate, explore, manipulate and ultimately celebrate the way in which I perceives things. This is a window to the world, an uninterrupted exchange of one’s thought.

Adebuga’s juxtaposes the subject’s detail while remaining figurative, expressive and conceptual. An artistic journey with feeling: thought, shape and color follow the harmony between texture and gesture of complex interaction. The combination of painterly, conceptual and poetic maneuverings shapes the process. Each painting is unique just as each viewer’s experience of it is unique.

Graduates of Graphic Designs, Bennett College, UK, and Bradford School, Ohio.                                                                  Studies Fine Arts at The City University of New York, and Studio Practice at The Ohio State University.




Artist Statement

“Artwork lovingly done is the secret of all order and all happiness”

Samuel’s artworks has been exhibited nationally, Solo exhibition at John Glenn International Airport, 2020 – Gateway Gallery, Columbus Ohio.

A group at show at Columbus Cultural Art Center.

Ohio State University – The Faculty Club, art presentation/talk in conjunction with 65th anniversary of international Studies.

Collections: Columbus Metropolitan Library.

CCTV complex, Staten Island, New York State.

“One thing I’ve leaned about myself is how essential art is to my emotional and spiritual well-being.”


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