The Ohio Artist Registry (OAR) is an exciting opportunity for artists to share their work, connect with the creative community, and establish an online presence—all on a free, virtual platform! The OAR encourages artists working in all art forms, throughout Ohio and beyond,  to create a profile, which allows them to better promote themselves and their work. Being listed in the OAR provides artists with new opportunities to share their work with clients, galleries, patrons, and audiences. A listing in the OAR does not confer an endorsement, approval, or verification by the Ohio Arts Council.
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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

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Photo of Darlene Yeager-Torre

Darlene is an award-winning fine art photographer best known for “painting with light”. She works outdoors in landscapes and in her studio experimenting with and inventing techniques for her still life tableaus. In addition to solo exhibits, her work has been juried into national and international exhibits including at the Butler Art Institute, the Attleboro Arts Museum, the Center for Fine Art Photography, and Julia Margaret Cameron International Awards.

Photo of Dr. Hong Yin

Hong Yin

Fine Art, Art History

Hong Yin’s artistic journey has led her to explore various art media and styles, but it is within the realms of oil and acrylic in a realistic style where her passion truly ignites. Her artwork embraces a diverse range of subjects, but her deep connection to her Tibetan heritage resonates strongly. The Tibetan people and their land hold a special place in her heart, serving as a constant source of inspiration.

Photo of Delaney Yoha

Delaney Yoha


Delaney Yoha is a portrait and studio photographer based in Columbus, Ohio with over 7 years of experience. She is a current senior at Columbus College of Art and Design, majoring in Photography with a minor in Business, and will graduate May 2024. She focuses on reveling in the good and seeing the beauty of our daily observations and surroundings. Human connection is the most compelling aspect of her work.

Photo of Amy Yosmali

Amy Yosmali


Amy Yosmali, much like a musician who expresses emotion while playing a musical note, expresses emotion through vibrant color and brush strokes on canvas. Amy enjoys sharing her artistic works with others, an in particular helping individual’s find that special artwork for their space that speaks uniquely to them.

Photo of Alice Pixley Young

Alice Pixley Young’s work examines the interrelationship of landscape, environment and technology. Young has exhibited her work nationally and internationally, including Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Akron Art Museum, Sarasota Art Museum, the 21c Museums, and the Taft Museum of Art. She has been awarded grants from the NEA, the Ohio Arts Council and others. She is a member of A.I.R. Gallery in Brooklyn, NY and lives and teaches in Cincinnati, OH.

Photo of Chris Young

Chris Young

Artist, Educator, Small Business Owner

I am an artist, educator and small business owner. As an artist I express myself through acrylic paint, mixed media, 2D and 3D works inspired by everyday life. As an educator, my work inspires imagination and sparks ideas to help people through a creative journey of their own. My business allows me to combine the art that I love with the teacher in me.

Photo of Judi Young

Judi Young


I am a mixed media collage artist who uses a variety of papers to create one of a kind collages that I hope bring joy to those who see them.

Photo of Rachel Rachel Yurkovich

Rachel Yurkovich

Interpretive Media Coordinator

Rachel Yurkovich was born in South Carolina, but lived most of her developing years in Skopje, North Macedonia and Prague, Czechia.

She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture and Painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2014. With an interest in living things and their movement as a medium, her work often ends up as video.…