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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

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Photo of Jödo B

I am a Columbus, Ohio-based photographer and former librarian’s assistant, a musician, and a mom of two young adult creatives. 

Photo of Laney Baby

Laney Baby


I am tapped into the flow of creativity, constantly jotting down new ideas and having visions of future projects.

Photo of Barbara Jane Bachtell

Barbara Bachtell grew up in NE Ohio, Pittsburgh, and New Mexico. She has a BA in art from Wesleyan University (CT), and a BFA in painting from Cleveland Institute of Art. She has incorporated both text elements and organic forms into her work for many years, and is a published poet and writer as well as a visual artist. She has shown her drawings and small sculptures around Ohio and in Wisconsin, most recently in group shows at MOCA, Artists Archives of the Western Reserve, Waterloo Arts and YARDS Projects. Her work is in local individual and corporate collections, including The Cleveland Clinic, the Dalad Group, MetroHealth Medical Center, and Jones Day.

Photo of Gary Floyd Bagnato

Gary Bagnato

Fine Artist

Gary Floyd Bagnato’s

Shorten Biography

Gary Bagnato is a New Age Gothic Van Gogh.  That’s a mouthful but it reflects the broad spectrum of his art.  Viewing some of his paintings puts you at the entrance of a feel good psychedelic church with medievil stain – glass windows.  Where as some artists paint conventional still life or nature scenes, Bagnato amps the gender up to a whole new level. …

Photo of Mr Thomas A Baillieul

Tom holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Earth Science from the University of Massachusetts, and hs worked in such diverse areas as: mineral exploration around the world; preparing environmental impact studies for the U. S. Government; and leading the clean-up of retired nuclear facilities. As an undergraduate he also engaged in music performance, theater (stage management), was student manager of the University Bands (Marching, Concert, Symphonic), and participated in the University’s Concert Association which brought world-class musicians and groups to campus. In recent years he has become an award-winning visual artist, and has participated on the boards of the Ohio Art League, and the Clintonville Arts Guild. Currently, Tom works part-time as the Exhibitions Coordinator for the Columbus Cultural Arts Center.

Photo of Lawrence Baker M.F.A.

CAN Triennial Artists Archives of the Western Reserve Cleveland Ohio 2022
Solo Art Exhibitions Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland Ohio 2021

Photo of Tom Balbo

Tom Balbo


Tom’s earliest work was primarily in ceramics and printmaking. As his interest in papermaking grew, his work turned increasingly towards expressing his artistic creativity in this area. Over the past 40 years, Tom’s work has been exhibited and shown in a large number of shows and galleries and he has garnered numerous awards and critical attention for his work.

     In 2008, Tom along with other local artists, founded The Morgan Art of Paper Conservatory and Educational Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio. Presently, Tom continues to work in paper, printmaking, and ceramics. Dividing his time between creating in his studio/gallery and as the  Artistic Director at the Morgan Conservatory.  

Photo of Cristal Baldwin

Cristal Baldwin is an accomplished illustration artist living in central Ohio. She enjoys creating works in color pencil, graphite and watercolor. Her work ranges from children’s book illustration to fine color pencil fantasy portraits.

Photo of Brian Ballenger

Brian Ballenger


I paint by building up oil paint on the surface of the canvas. The brushstrokes are the true subject of painting.; they extend fully across the canvas, collecting color from the brush and the surface, to blend and redistribute the material. Varied brush widths and pressures are utilized to come together as a new work. These are paintings whose depth changes with perspective and whose sense of light and shading and understanding adjust with examination.

Photo of Michael Laurence Bankhead II

Michael Bankhead

owner, songwriter, artist, podcaster

Dayton Ohio’s Mike Bankhead is an artist’s artist in every sense of the word. While most know him as a bass player and songwriter, Bankhead has unlimited reach and talent. All of this is wrapped up in a man whose raw passion for the art bleeds through everything Mike Bankhead does. Humble enough the Ohio artist has experience writing music for full band compositions, guitar rock,  and multilingual accompaniments.…

Photo of Veena Bansal

Veena Bansal, a resident of Columbus, Ohio for 50 yesrs, is an experienced artist creating a blend of figurative, landscapes and floral paintings with abstract influences, her mixed media work is the result of her past experienc-she was an avid art student growing up in India. Exhibits her work in Marcia Evans gallery in short north district.…

Photo of Mary Barczak

Mary Barczak’s biological family hails from New York City and was heavily involved in mathematics and human rights. However at 16, she was put into foster care in Columbus, OH. Barczak’s earlier years were spent dissecting traditional fairytales and the story structures of character personality traits. She weaves philosophy, storytelling, and art together to create the Nones, blanked face creatures with emotive black bodies. Their scenes speak to those who find their own stories and emotions in them.

Photo of Jeni Jeni Bate

Jeni Bate


Jeni Bate lives in the desert south west – a low place under a vast dome of sky. This is a constant reminder of how small we are in the face of all things, and when filled with clouds, an ever changing muse.

Photo of Cherie Kuhn Bauer

Cherie Kuhn Bauer attended Hollins University in 1973 and studied printmaking with Nancy Dahlstrom.  After graduating with departmental honors in Studio Art she returned home to Cleveland and began working at the Cleveland Museum of Art, first in the Department of Prints and Drawings and then in the Library.  She continued with her printmaking, exhibiting in juried and individual exhibitions including the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Virginia Museum in Richmond. 

Photo of Ginny Baughman

I’ve spent my life devoted to creating, teaching, and learning about art. My inspiration comes my life as a woman, wife, mother, student, teacher and an inhabitant of this earth.
I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. I received a BFA from the University of Dayton and an MA in Art Education from OSU. I’ve been a teaching artist for over 20 years and freelance artist for over 25 years mostly in central Ohio. I’ve recently moved back home to the Dayton area and excited about the Dayton area arts scene.

Photo of Elham Elham Bayati

My works are mixed of printing and other painting materials such as collage, acrylic and color pencil. The source of my inspiration is from Persian history and Iran the country that I was born and my family .

Photo of Gary Beeber


Gary Beeber is an award-winning American photographer and filmmaker who has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world.  He has had numerous solo photography exhibitions and his documentary films have been screened at over 150 film festivals.  Pfizer Pharmaceutical, Goldman Sachs and Chase Bank are Fortune 500 companies who collect his work.

Photo of Diane Belfiglio

Diane Belfiglio (pronounced Bel FEE lee o) earned her B.F.A. in Drawing, Painting, and Graphics from The Ohio State University in 1978, and her M.F.A. in Painting from Syracuse University in 1980. Also in 1980, she was awarded a $6000 Aid-to-Individual- Artists Fellowship Grant from the Ohio Arts Council. Since that time, she has received numerous professional awards, including four Arts in Stark grants from 2011-2014.…

Photo of Kirsta Niemie Benedetti

Kirsta Niemie Benedetti lives and works in Columbus, Ohio with her husband and two daughters. She completed her Bachelor’s degree at Columbus College of Art and Design and has worked as a freelance artist partnering with Minted and West Elm since 2015, and as a commissioned artist for patrons around the country.

Currently, Kirsta is launching The Whole Picture Project, an initiative to bring people together through art and storytelling.