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Photo of Patricia Dahlman

Patricia Dahlman was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and studied art at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio and Yale University Summer School of Art and Music in Norfolk, Connecticut. Dahlman has lived and worked as an artist in Seattle, San Francisco and the New York City area. She has received a New Jersey Printmaking Fellowship to Rutgers Center for Innovative Print and Paper, two Geraldine R.…

Photo of Annica May Damico

Annica Damico

Fine Artist

I am a graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design and reside in Dayton Ohio where I am an art teacher for kindergarten through eighth grade. When I am not teaching I enjoy my time to work on my own art. The mediums I work with are oil, acrylic, and liquid watercolor in my paintings.…

Photo of Toni Daniel

Toni Daniel

Artist and Photograpy

Creating art is my passion. Painting with oil and acrylics. I am also a photographer.

Photo of Marvin C Daniels

I like bold colors and typically work in realism but occasionally add in a bit of whimsy. I like my work to grab the viewer and want to know more about the piece.

Photo of Susan Danko

Susan is a contemporary landscape painter and installation artist based in Cleveland, Ohio. The pieces that she creates are informed by her responses to the state of our contemporary natural environment as it grapples with climate change. Constructed from both memory and observation, her works arise from real and imagined environmental scenarios. With them, she examines the power and fragility of nature caught in a state of flux between destruction and renewal. Her goal In creating the work is to raise awareness, and inspire a greater respect for the environment that we all share.

Photo of Clifford Darrett

Clifford Darrett

Active Artist

Clifford Darrett, born and raised in Evansville, Indiana, now living in Dayton, Ohio for the last 53 years, has always had the natural ability to draw, passed to him from his father, who was a very good drawer.  He took classes in drawing, painting and graphic arts at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio, while working on his Associate Degree for Electronic Data Processing. …

Photo of Pamela Z Daum

Pamela Z. Daum is a photographer based in Kent, OH. She has exhibited extensively in both solo and group shows across the United States and Europe. In 2016 and again in 2021, Women in the Arts “Celebrating the Genius of Women” recognized her work. She was one of 100 artists selected for the 2014 Aesthetica Art Prize.…

Photo of John R. Davis

John Davis


          John R. Davis is an established artist who works in watercolor, oils, acrylic and egg tempera.  His paintings range from Landscapes, cityscapes and water scenes.  In recent years he has been actively pursuing Plein Air paintings in oil.  

Photo of Katie Davis

Katie Davis

Painter and Installation Artist

Katie is a mixed media painter/installation artist whose work blends together her experience with interior design, the choas of being a mother, and her love of drawing, abstraction, and found materials.

Photo of Palli Davene Davis

My practice is simple: Go to the studio daily. Work. Have several works-in-progress all the time. Work in series & sets so the thinking pushes itself forward. Foster the exercise of multiples, allowing the muscular movement of my hands to create both similarities & eccentricities. Walk in the woods, find a place to sit, listen & see when you get tired.…

Photo of Anita C Dawson

Anita Dawsonis a full time painter and sculptor, living in Columbus, Ohio. Her work is exhibited in the Midwest and eastern United States. Research has taken her to Italy, Spain and France to study iconography. She has served as a visiting artist and professor in Aix in Provence and Rome and is Professor Emerita at the Columbus College of Art & Design.…

Photo of Kelly Dawson

Kelly Dawson is a self-taught artist who was born into the world of auto racing.  She made a career in the sport for a number of years.  Always attracted to the color, lights and fanfare of the sport more than the sport itself.  When the tragedies that would happen at the track became too much, she gave up that world to devote her time to her art.

Photo of Sue Day

Creative hobbies – especially photography  – have been a lifelong pleasure for me, helping to balance my formal education for a structured, science based career in health care.  Having recently retired, I am devoting more time to  further develop my photography skills, and participate in local photography organizations that provide education, competition and photography event opportunities.   …

Photo of Amy Amy Deal

Amy Deal


Amy Deal is a mixed media painter. She is also known for mural designs in Dayton, OH. Her largest mural is over 900 linear sq ft along the Great Miami River at Downtown Dayton’s Five River MetroParks RiverScape River Run. Amy has also worked with nonconventional materials to create commentaries on how consumerism is denigrating our environment. Her current series of works is intuitive, abstract acrylic, oil, oil stick, and cold wax paintings.

Photo of Pam DeCamp

Pam DeCamp

Sole Proprietor

Pam DeCamp is an award winning professional photographer from Wheelersburg, Ohio. Her 30+ years of photography experience has ranged from photojournalism, sports, performing arts, fine art, to macro and wildlife.

Photo of Gregory Keith DeGroat

Gregory DeGroat

Fine Artist/Graphic Designer

was born in Springfield, Ohio in 1955. My father was an artist, and some of my earliest memories are of him teaching me how to draw. My first paintings were at the age of 8, a mare and a stallion, respectively. I can remember watching the neighborhood kids outside playing tag from my kitchen window, with my father promising to let me play with them, as soon as I completed the hair on the portrait on which he had me working .-)

I majored in art in high school, then took art courses in college, which was followed by a 27-year career as a graphic artist with the Dayton Daily News, in Ohio.…

Photo of JoAnn DePolo

JoAnn DePolo

Independent Professional Artist, Author, Speaker, Teacher

JoAnn DePolo is an artist, author, speaker, teacher, and visionary. Her unique paintings of cityscapes, water scenes, and bold abstracts have gained recognition from art collectors internationally.

Photo of Randy Eugene DePuy

Randy DePuy


Born in Northwest Ohio in 1957, Randy was given a Kodak Brownie when he was in grade school. Thus began his life long interest in photography. After graduating from Findlay High School in 1975 De Puy began working for THE COURIER newspaper as a darkroom Technician/ Photographer. In November, 1977, Randy moved to Columbus, Ohio, where he began working in the photo finishing field and free‐ lance photography.…

Photo of Thad DeVassie

Thad DeVassie is a multi-genre writer (poetry, prose poetry, flash fiction, CNF) and fine art painter who creates from the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio. His collection SPLENDID IRRATIONALITIES was awarded the James Tate International Poetry Prize in 2020 (SurVision Books). A mini chapbook, YEAR OF STATIC, containing eleven original paintings accompanied by micro prose, was published in 2021 by Ghost City Press.…

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