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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

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Artist by Last Name
Photo of Renee K. Radebaugh

Native to rural Appalachia but a well-seasoned traveler, Renee is a survivor and advocate for mental health.

Photo of Kripa Radhakrishnan

Kripa Radhakrishnan

Ph.D. student

Kripa Radhakrishnan is an interdisciplinary artist born in Mumbai, and currently doing her Doctoral studies in Interdisciplinary Arts at Ohio University, Ohio, USA.

Photo of Katina Pastis Radwanski

Katina Radwanski


I’ve had a life-long passion for creating art. I instructed art classes in park programs as a teenager and later became a high school art educator. I earned a BS degree in Education with an art focus from Kent State University and an MAED from the University of Georgia. I now work as a full-time artist at my Cleveland studio.

Photo of Michael Randall

I spent my childhood in a rural community in Ohio before moving to a suburban area where I currently reside with my beautiful wife. She brings me endless joy and support in everything I do. We share our home with our loyal canine companion, Captain, who has been our faithful friend for many years.


As a senior solution architect for a software development company, I take pride in my work and enjoy the challenges that come with it.…

Photo of Mr. David James Rankin

Rankin is one of the true modern-day masters of transparent watercolor, exuding a dynamic passion for the medium in his lectures, demonstrations, and workshop instruction.
He is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art and lives in University Heights with his wife, Deanna.

Photo of Daniel Rauschenbach

Daniel Rauschenbach

Capturing the impressions of landscape in a wistful style. Watercolorist Daniel Rauschenbach’s bold colors and uniquely strong designs create a style of his own. Influenced by the industrial Midwest and romantic New England seascape, he incorporates these cultural wonders into his work. His passion, dedication, and love of his craft shine through each piece.

Photo of Tanya Lee Raycroft

Born in Wooster, Ohio and spent most of my adult life in upstate New York, I returned home in 2018. I am pursing a new career in my life as a mixed media artist and enjoying the creativity that flows from living life, doing what I love.

Photo of Andrew Raz

Andrew Raz earned his BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Philadelphia College of Art and his MFA in painting from Tyler School of Art. His works have been exhibited at the Cleveland May Show, New York University International Small Works Show, and the 85th Midyear Show, Butler Institute of Art, among others. He is also the recipient of the American Greetings Spring Art Show Best Picture and Body of Work. 

Photo of Andrew Reach

Andrew Reach


Reach’s work has been exhibited in the United States in solo and group exhibitions including a solo exhibition at the Frost Art Museum. His work is in private, corporate and institutional collections, among them the Permanent Collection of the Frost Art Museum, University Hospitals Art Collection, Summa Health Healing Arts Collection and the Cleveland Clinic Art Collection. His work in public art includes a permanent installation at the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland and most recently he was commissioned by the Cleveland Public Library in partnership with Land Studio to create “QUADRATALUX’, a 10 x 30 foot art wall for one of its branches as part of CPL’s “SEE ALSO” public art initiative.

Photo of Bryn E Reagan

Bryn Reagan is an emerging fine artist living and working in her hometown of Columbus, OH. In 2020, she received her B.F.A. in Studio Art with a focus in mixed media and collage. Through mixed media and collage, Bryn explores the nuances of the journey that life takes each individual on. Her goal in her work is to provide hope, healing, and to create spaces where others feel seen and known. …

Photo of Catalina CELIS Reasoner

Catalina Reasoner

Creative Director

She was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Her parents foster her love for art, literature, and music. She pursued her artistic ambitions while working as a Business System Analyst. She recently retired from her IT professional career to focus on growing CELIStial Art, an online outlet for her 3D Mixed Media creations. She is an artist, entrepreneur, artist, designer, creator of magic, and archivist of memories.

Photo of Ann L. Rebele

Ann has a BFA degree from Ohio State University where she majored in Design. She has been making fiber art for over 35 years and enjoys creating original hand drawn, hand-painted, hand-dyed, and hand-printed fabrics. Ann has had six solo art shows including The Columbus Cultural Arts Center. Her work has been in numerous national and international juried and invitational exhibitions and recently has had two pieces included in US Art In Embassies – Overseas Exhibitions.

Photo of DeCarla s Reed

DeCarla Reed


DeCarla Reed is an Artist currently residing in Cleveland, Ohio.  I began painting in 2020, during the pandemic as an outlet to channel my emotions in a stressful, busy, and oftentimes confusing world. 

I have dealt with depression for several years and Art has become my Therapy.” My portraits and creations of abstract art represent a vision of joy and love from the soul. …

Photo of Jeff Regensburger

Jeff Regensburger received his BFA from The Ohio State University where he focused on painting, drawing and printmaking. Since graduation he has remained connected to the arts in central Ohio through music, visual arts, and writing. Jeff has lived in Ohio his entire life. That connection is evident in the work he produces and his deep appreciation for Ohio’s rich artistic heritage. 

Photo of Sean Reifenberg

Sean Reifenberg, a multi-disciplined painter and artist living in Columbus, Ohio. Sean’s passion for art began at a young age, and she has since honed his skills in various mediums, including painting, drawing, music and film.

Photo of Dr David Philip Reiter

David Reiter

CEO / Publisher

David Reiter is an award-winning text and digital artist, and Publisher / CEO at IP (Brisbane). His most recent works are the novel Black Books Publishing (2018), the digital narrative Time Lords Remixed: a Dr Who Poetical and Your eBook Survival Kit, 4th edition. He’s won the Western Australian Premier’s Award twice, and the Queensland Premier Award.

Photo of Jeremy Reitzel

Jeremy Reitzel

Jeremy Reitzel Ink

Artist Profile

Jeremy Reitzel his professional artistic journey when he appeared on the Columbus art scene in 2021.  Reitzel has been a musician for the past 25 years under the moniker Links Last Moment and Studied Creative Writing at The Ohio State University.


The Polynesian/German ballpoint pen artist focuses on metaphysical, macabre, surreal, absurdist themes and works with automatic and spirit medium co-creative techniques. 

Photo of Victoria Reno

I take a mental health based approach to art that focuses on my personal experiences with self-harm recovery and my goal is to help others with similar struggles.

Photo of Rani Bartolome Reyes-Martin

Hello, I’m Rani, an artist deeply immersed in a world of colors and creativity, shaped by a rich family heritage of painters. Professionally a physical therapist, my passion for painting has been a constant. Balancing family and career, I painted whenever I could, and now, rekindling that passion, each stroke becomes a celebration of God’s handiwork, adding vibrancy to the world.

Photo of Alison Miltner Rich

Alison Rich

Visual Art Educator

Alison Miltner Rich is a resident of Cuyahoga Falls and has been working in watercolor for the past twenty years. She enjoys the process of layering and building details to create work that expresses her love of nature. She teaches art at Miller South School for the Visual and Performing Arts. Rich recently received a City of Cuyahoga Falls River in the City Grant through the National Endowment for the Arts.

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