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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

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Photo of Zach Van Horn

Zach Van Horn was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio where he currently resides. He earned his BFA in Drawing and Painting from The Ohio State University in 2013 and earned his MFA from The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 2018. He has shown work in Philadelphia and New York City. Though primarily a painter, he also plays in other mediums including sculpture, writing, music production, and video. Zach has also run five marathons (the Columbus Marathon twice and the Philadelphia Marathon three times).

My studio practice resembles the night sky where each star represents an idea I am interested in exploring. Among these ideas include but are not limited to consciousness, alchemy, technology, memories, and dreams. After studying these stars more closely, I can begin to draw connections between them, forming constellations. My work is the visual representation of these constellations. As the universe expands towards infinity then hopefully my work will grow towards infinity. 

Photo of Dan Vance

Lots of degrees, none matter for painting. That comes from someplace I only exist in for short periods of time.

Photo of John A Vanek

John Vanek


John Vanek is a physician by training, but a writer by passion.  While practicing medicine for a quarter century, his interest in writing never waned.  Medicine was his wife, but writing became his mistress and mysteries his drug of choice.  He began honing his craft by attending creative writing workshops and college courses.  At first writing solely for himself and his family, he was surprised and gratified when his work won contests and was published in a variety of literary journals, anthologies, and magazines.…

Photo of Sue VanWassenhove

Painting is a way for me to express the emotions and experiences of being human and all that connects us. For me it is a spiritual experience that brings great peace, which I hope translates to the viewers.

Photo of Mr. Hector Vega

Hector Vega


Hector Vega, the use of bold colors and geometric shapes that artist Hector Vega uses to craft his abstracts is by no means an accident. For him, many of the stylized elements, that make his work so instantly recognizable, have a much deeper meaning.

Photo of Monica Lee Vega

Monica Vega


I’m Monica Vega! I am a professional artist and founder of Gallery 18 LLC.

Gallery 18 specializes in acrylic visual art created designs, and representational portraiture. Gallery 18 collaborates with local entrepreneurs and community platforms to enhance awareness.

As an artist I started exhibiting in 2002.…

Photo of Alyson Veit

Alyson Veit is a self-taught artist, specializing in abstract and fluid art. Her background in the arts grows from the fine art of dance & choreography and she currently owns/operates a large dance studio in central Ohio. Alyson loves the peace and tranquility that painting brings her busy life as a business owner, wife, and mom of four.

Photo of Elizabeth M Veldey

Elizabeth Veldey is a Midwesterner, having lived in IA, IN, MI, IL, and now Columbus, OH.  After a forty-six year career in banking where there was no time for creative pursuits, she retired to paint.  The McConnell Art Center has been her art educational hub.  There, she built foundations in drawing and painting under the guidance of many central Ohio artists before going her own way. …

Photo of Margarita Vilshanetskaya

Born in Tiraspol, Moldova, Margarita Vilshanetskaya is a fiber/mixed media artist living in Columbus, Ohio. Vilshanetskaya received her BFA in Two Dimensional Studies and Art Education from Bowling Green State University in 2012. She has exhibited work all over Ohio and internationally from OAC’s Riffe Gallery in Columbus, OH to a group exhibition in El Bruc, Spain. What started as a love for colorful, textured fiber, led to experimentation with non-conventional weaving materials and a more meaningful process that allowed Margarita to connect to her Eastern European roots. She enjoys the versatility of fiber art and the creative freedom that comes with all of the endless possibilities. In 2020, she launched her small business Too Cool 4 Spool where guests can browse vibrant, bold, and unique home décor, wall hangings, and jewelry. More information about Margarita and her work can be found at

Photo of Jennifer Vincik

Jennifer Vincik

Abstract Artist

Jennifer Vincik is an emerging artist based in the art scene of Northeast Ohio.  While she may consider herself an emerging talent, her artistic journey has already taken her to exciting places.  In May, Jennifer completed an enriching artist residency at Kent State University, where she honed her skills and her creative spirit.  

Jennifer’s artistic path is a blend of self-discovery and formal guidance. …

Photo of Vivian Visser

I have been creating sculptural works exploring our spiritual relationship with Nature since the early ‘90’s. I have attempted to share my ideas about our need to create a better relationship with Nature as a way to find peace within ourselves and each other. Works include a commission of interpretive public art work for the Openlands Lakeshore Preserve, an environmental sculpture for the Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival in Taiwan and completed three trees for the Chicago Tree Project.

Photo of Barbara N Vogel

Vogel has earned a BFA in painting and a MFA in photography from The Ohio State University. She has received an Individual Excellence Award from the Ohio Arts Council and awards through the Greater Columbus Arts Council. She has exhibited in the Southern Ohio Museum, the Zanesville Museum of Art, and the Springfield Museum of Art.…