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Photo of Paula Paula J. Lambert

Paula J. Lambert has published several collections of poetry including The Ghost of Every Feathered Thing (FutureCycle 2022), How to See the World (Bottom Dog 2020), and The Sudden Seduction of Gravity (Full/Crescent 2012). Recipient of PEN America’s L’Engle Rahman Prize for Mentorship, her work has been supported by the Ohio Arts Council and the Greater Columbus Arts Council. Also an accomplished visual artist, she lives in Columbus.

Photo of Denise Lancaster

Denise Lancaster

Principal Artist, President & CEO

Denise Lancaster, Watercolorist born 1984.  Has umpteen years professional experience creating and selling freelance and commission works of art to clientele, she has been in copious exhibitions featuring local, regional, national and international artists.

Photo of Natalie Natalie Lanese

Natalie Lanese’s work is recognized for its punchy color palette and layered patterns. She makes paintings, collages, and installations, which The Village Voice described as “enigmatic narratives heightened by keen color clashes and jazzy textures” when covering her exhibition at Jack the Pelican Presents in Brooklyn in 2007. Ms. Lanese has exhibited her work at MOCA Tucson, the Akron Art Museum, and the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln, MA, and has installed permanent public artworks in San Diego, Cincinnati, Toledo, and Cleveland, OH.…

Photo of Mark Langan

Mark Langan

Sculptural Paper Artist

Mark Langan Bio

Mark Langan in a self-taught artist who resides in Brunswick Hills, Ohio a suburb of Cleveland. He left a 20+ year career in the transportation industry and, since 2004, has been expressing his creative aspirations thru the creation of unique interpretive sculptures from an unlikely source as an art medium…recycled corrugated boxes.

Photo of Linda Langhorst

Perhaps best know for scenes along the Blues Highway, Linda Langhorst’s recent trip to Zion National Park rekindled her love for the woods and other natural places. Langhorst treats her canvas as a kind of tapestry, weaving bits and pieces of oil paint into a recognizable image. Though she still enjoys figurative work, her current focus is communicating the depth and beauty of the wilderness, mostly independent of humans.

Photo of Steven Lapcevic

Steven Lapcevic is an independent animator who specializes in creating shorts that are surreal in nature. His films eschew a narrative approach and are experimental in their structure and execution, creating a dreamlike progression of visual ideas. Originally from Staten Island, New York he now resides in Northeast Ohio where he continues to create his work.…

Photo of Maria Elena Laret

Although each of these pieces evokes very specific personal feelings and memories for me, they offer a shared experience with the viewer who engages with them. The delightful unintended consequences of each viewer’s thoughts, beliefs, prejudices, etc. superimposed onto the work creates a unique shared experience. In this way each work is both a finished piece and a living process. They look the way I talk: loud, rapid, loaded with information, provocative, a little pedantic, a little poetic, with overlapping and intersecting ideas all over the place. I’m no minimalist.

Photo of John Russell Lauer

I’m an artist and designer living in a treehouse in Appalachia. Throughout my career, there has been an easy flow of ideas and techniques between my architectural and exhibit design work and my more personal art making. I now make what I call Demon Heads out of paper, first modeling the heads in the computer, then flattening the shapes into patterns which I cut out of paper and assemble edge-to-edge.

Photo of Tiffany Lawson

I was born and raised on the Southside of Columbus, Ohio, east of German Village. Graduate of South High School and The Ohio State University. The colorful history of Grandpa Smokey Brown, Aminah Robinson, Gilda Edwards, Richard Duarte Brown, Elijah Pierce and Queen Brooks peppered my formative years though programs that enriched my life and affinity to creativity.

Adapting the principles of Sankofa and Wabi Sabi allow me to flow between tradition and innovation. In doing so, I have mastered a process with a unique aesthetic and mastery; flowing between 2D collage and 3D assemblage using self-made images, curated medias, and found objects assigning value to each element. Respectively, the connectedness of each element requires the same process. I have developed 17 categories that outline a range of commonalities, that allow me to arrange found medias with self-made images. Through this process I seek and explore possibilities in relation to materials and application. An important aspect of my work rests in the details, where commonalities are highlighted.

By utilizing multiple disciplines, I create mixed media assemblages, collages and drawings that explore form and color unified by the spirit of black life. Art that recovers the past, secures the present and expects the future.

Photo of Pavel Layer

My name is Pavel Layer, I became interested in photography as a hobby when I was in high school in Russia. Now I call Columbus home and have continued to pursue my old time hobby on and off for almost 40 years.

I switched to digital photography  9 years ago, but was unable to fully accept it as the only tool to use, and about 7 yrs ago I came back to film and, more specifically, to medium format.

Photo of David Leach

David Leach

Emeritus Professor

David Leach was born in Evanston, Illinois, in 1946. He received a B.A. from Bucknell University, and an M.F.A. from Ohio University. He is an Emeritus Professor at Wright State University, having taught studio art there – primarily printmaking and drawing – from 1973 to 2003. He served as Chair of the Department of Art and Art History from 1985 to 1989.…

Photo of Ernest L Lee II

Ernest Lee


E.Lee has gained both local (US) and international recognition with his thought provoking word play, and commitment to avoid biting. Founder of Life Column Records and Life Columns Publishings and member of The Black Helicopters.

Photo of Rae Sunshine aka Rae Sunshine Lee Lee

Born Rachel M.B. Renish, youngest of ten, Rae Sunshine Lee is a singer, actress, science fiction novelist and poet. In the 1960s, she was a child model in the Sears/Roebuck magazine for four years, even appearing on the cover. She also appeared in commercials such as Chatty Cathy: This Is Mattel’s Family of Chatty Dolls (1962) with Maureen McCormick, and made appearances on Bonanza (1959) and Bozo the Clown (1959).…

Photo of Ms charlotte a lees

Charlotte lees transforms and translates the elements of nature to express a personal vision of her environment. Beauty matters and her goal is to create lasting images that connect man to his surroundings.
For more information about Charlotte Lees please visit her website at

Photo of Mr. John Leon

John Leon


Leon has created over 550 bronze sculptures, dozens of stone and wood carvings, bas-reliefs, awards, and countless pieces in clay, cast stone, and resins that can be found in private, public, and corporate collections on five continents. He works in a wide range of styles and subject matters, creating bold, well-crafted art works.

Photo of James W Leslie

James Leslie

Visual Artist

James’ desire to capture and express how nature made him feel would become a life-long passion.  Fueled by early exposure to French Impressionism and American Landscape Painting, he began to express the rural images of his hometown through painting.  Intrigued by light and color, he sets out to create two-dimensional works that reflect the natural phenomenon not only discovered in Connecticut, but traveling the country, the world, and Northeast Ohio, where he now resides. 

Photo of Amy Lewandowski

I am a Northeast Ohio watercolor artist who began painting with watercolors as a youth in a class at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C.  This led to my interest in pursuing a BFA in Illustration, graduating with honors from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. I paint almost exclusively with watercolors and am a signature member of the Ohio Watercolor Society.…

Photo of Amanda Rena Lewis

Amanda Lewis

Poet, Artist, & Community Organizer

Amanda is a poet, artist, and community organizer. She is Founder & Executive Director of Trillium Project, a small arts and culture nonprofit in Portsmouth, Ohio. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Shawnee State University with a concentration in watercolor painting and ceramics. Amanda works to promote the arts through community-created initiatives that provide opportunities for marginalized creatives and their communities. …

Photo of Chris Leyva

Chris Leyva is a playwright and director based in Columbus, OH. As a frequent collaborator and educator with CATCO, CLIMB Theatre, Hixon Dance, and MadLab Theatre, he is happiest when uncovering the potential in a project or a person.

Photo of Raymond Lillback Sr.

I have always been a visual person. My art is a reflection of visual exploration and emotional connection. It is a process and a journey.  Often I deal with the formal aspects of design and perceptual processes.  These are the formal language of visual art. When I do a painting, I often am inspired by the way the image captures a moment and expresses an idea or feeling. I am also interested in how light can create abstract shapes and how the media can interact with the image. The final product is formalized from visually, emotionally, intellectually and physically, exploring, discovering and manipulating the media and content of the work.

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