The Ohio Artist Registry (OAR) is an exciting opportunity for artists to share their work, connect with the creative community, and establish an online presence—all on a free, virtual platform! The OAR encourages artists working in all art forms, throughout Ohio and beyond,  to create a profile, which allows them to better promote themselves and their work. Being listed in the OAR provides artists with new opportunities to share their work with clients, galleries, patrons, and audiences. A listing in the OAR does not confer an endorsement, approval, or verification by the Ohio Arts Council.
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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

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Photo of Ms C Jeanette Jackson

C Jackson


C.J. Jackson is a product of Loveland, Ohio, who played on farms as a child, lived in Cincinnati as an adult, and relocated to rural Warren County to find peace. She is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the First Family Lineage Society of Hamilton County, Ohio. Her debut novel “Hunting Wildflowers” is a charming walk through mystery and history. A must read for anyone with connections to Southwest Ohio.

Photo of Jeff Jackson

Sculptor Jeff Jackson transforms everyday metal into whimsical welded sculptures.

Photo of Morris Jackson

Morris Jackson is a Columbus self-taught artist.   He exhibits at the Lindsay Gallery. 

Photo of Ms. Clarissa Jakobsons

Clarissa Jakobsons


Clarissa Jakobsons, artist and poet instructed various art and writing courses at Cuyahoga Community College. Her art has been exhibited widely including the Morgan, Cleveland Museum of Art, Baldwin Wallace College, The Artists Archive of Western Reserve, Words/Matter, Woman Made Gallery (Chicago), San Francisco State, and internationally, etc. She enjoyed a Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center residency. Sometimes she combines artist books with her monoprints, paintings, or poems.

Photo of David Jarred

David Jarred

Creative Director

 David has worked on film productions including award winning films like Carol, Judas and The Black Messiah, and action blockbusters like The Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Working on these productions David learned how to build specialized rigs for cameras and lighting. These skills have come in handy for our art practice as they boil down to how to make special equipment move safely and how to install heavy items. He brought this knowledge to Golden Brown along with management, production, and technical skills.

Photo of Virginia Williams Jenison

Born and raised in West Virginia, Ginny has lived and worked in Tennessee, Louisiana, Missouri and Ohio. Her career in deaf education and rehabilitative audiology afforded her a variety of experiences and travel opportunities.  During that time, drawing and painting was a hobby applied to special projects for schools, churches and community projects.  After retirement, with time more readily available, she began taking classes at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center to pursue her art and explore the opportunities in art.  …

Photo of Glenna Jennings

Glenna Jennings

Associate Professor of Photography

Glenna Jennings is an artist and educator whose work draws primarily from the history, theory and practice of photography. She is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Dayton’s Department of Art and Design, where she heads up the photography program and serves as the Hanley Sustainability Institute’s Director for Engaging Communities Beyond Campus.

Photo of Jackie Jeromin

Jackie Jeromin is from Chagrin Falls, Ohio and has been making art in some form for as long as she can remember.  She enjoys using hiking as an excuse to take more reference photos to make more art later and trying a bit of everything.  Jackie tries to remember to post her current art projects to Instagram regularly and has been getting better at that.  

Photo of MR Bruce Donald Johnson

Just another retired guy with lots of camera gear and lighting equipment who especially enjoys taking photos at night.

Photo of Mats Jonasson

Mats Jonasson’s talent as a designer attracted attention early on, when he started work as an apprentice engraver at the glassworks in 1959. Over the next few decades he worked with many of the most respected contemporary glass artists in Sweden. During this period, he developed that natural style of his which he’s since perfected.…

Photo of Mrs Jennifer A Jones

Xpressions of Art by J.A Jones
I am a Self-taught mixed media artist. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio and currently living in Columbus, Ohio.
I started on this journey back in 2020. The love for art started for me as a young girl, I have always had a passion for art.

Photo of Pamela Joy

Pamela Joy


Pamela Joy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Photography & Cinema from The Ohio State University. She also studied literature and creative writing at the Columbus State Community College. While in Columbus, Pamela volunteered at the Thurber House Literary Center. There she served on the Author Visits Planning Committee, which brought in novelists including Amy Tan, Anne Lamott and Lawrence Block.…

Photo of Jean Marie Judd

Jean Judd


Textile artist Jean M. Judd of Cushing, Wisconsin has been constructing textile artworks for over thirty years incorporating dense hand stitching which gives visual and physical texture to her work. She was born in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1963. She has lived by water her entire life: the Mississippi River in Lake City, Minnesota from 1965 to 1982; 1986-1991, the Sea of Japan from 1982 to 1986, and the St.…