The Ohio Artist Registry (OAR) is an exciting opportunity for artists to share their work, connect with the creative community, and establish an online presence—all on a free, virtual platform! The OAR encourages artists working in all art forms, throughout Ohio and beyond,  to create a profile, which allows them to better promote themselves and their work. Being listed in the OAR provides artists with new opportunities to share their work with clients, galleries, patrons, and audiences. A listing in the OAR does not confer an endorsement, approval, or verification by the Ohio Arts Council.
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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

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Artist by Last Name
Photo of Mr MARK Lydell CALLOWAY


Fine art painter and printer

Artist biography, Mark l. Calloway b 1957 –

My father drew a very detail portrait of me when I was about 4 years old, I wanted to do the same.
My mother and I would color coloring books and work puzzles, soon I was adding shadows and mixing colors. When she would get a new pair of stockings there would be a white panel of paper that I would use for drawing.…

Photo of Erin Canales

Erin Canales is a Columbus-based artist who trained as an interior designer and horticulturist. She works in many different mediums including silversmithing, watercolor, and micro-mosaics. She recently took to making miniature fairy doors and other small public art pieces. She finds inspiration in nature and includes native plants and animals in her themes to create magical experiences that integrate with the natural world.

Photo of J Inky Lorain Cantrell

Inky’s World showcases art through the lens of experience, observation, and femininity. Art takes on a expressionist-surrealist quality that is influenced by illustration and graphic art. The artistic process involves creative restraint in a domestic goddess studio revolving around the roles of artist, creator, wife, mother, maker of kitchen delights, and educator.

Photo of Roberto D Cardona

Born in Central America but raised here in Ohio, studied Fashion Design at the Columbus College of Arts and Design for two years and later transferred to The Ohio State university where I am attending now. I make all types of art, but mainly focus on drawing, digital drawings, painting, fashion design, music, and sculpture when I get the chance.

Photo of Robert Carl

Born Columbus, Ohio 1954.
Lived and traveled to 49 states.
Taught art grades K-college level.
MFA, Ohio University
BFA, The Ohio State University.
Currently resides in Columbus, Ohio.

Photo of Mr Danny Caro

Danny Caro

Motion Graphic Designer | Illustrator | Photographer

Danny is a post-production specialist who loves to design graphics and make things come to life on video.

Photo of Ed Carpenter

Ed Carpenter


Ed Carpenter is an artist specializing in large-scale public installations ranging from architectural sculpture to infrastructure design.  Since 1973 he has completed scores of projects for public, corporate, and ecclesiastical clients.  Working internationally from his studio in Portland, Oregon, USA, Carpenter collaborates with a variety of expert consultants, sub-contractors, and studio assistants.  He personally oversees every step of each commission, and installs them himself with a crew of long-time helpers, except in the case of the largest objects, such as bridges.

Photo of Dixie Whitlatch Carrier

As an award-winning artist and alumni of CCAD, Dixie has many years creating stories through representational drawing ~ whether it’s Children’s Book Illustrations, Portraits, or creating 3D, Painted Wood Illustrations. She enjoys working in pastels, charcoal, pencil, acrylic and wood, and approaches every project with joy.

Photo of Luka Ashley Carter

Born in Lima, Ohio. Trained at both The College Conservatory of Music at The University of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky University. Has worked extensively throughout the Midwest regional theatre scene, particularly in the Cincinnati and Columbus Areas.

Photo of Carrie Cartwright

Carrie Cartwright

Graphic Designer & Photographer

Over the course of Carrie’s career, she has been able to utilize her expertise as a Graphic Designer and photographer; she creates images and designs that apply to a wide variety of styles and applications.

Photo of Shannon Sinclair Casey

I enjoy creating figurative paintings and drawings that tell a story and often my inspiration comes from the night sky. I imagine Copernicus in a star-chart sweater, a procession of constellations and whimsical moons. Central to my artwork is Psalm 19 which begins, “The Heavens declare the glory of God.”   I work primarily in oil with mixed media like gold and silver metal leaf and sheet music.

Photo of Bruno Casiano

Bruno Casiano



Bruno Casiano is a Puerto Rican artist based in Cleveland Ohio who combines traditional and contemporary art. Born in Gary, Indiana, the son of a steel worker, Bruno’s family moved back to their hometown, Juana Diaz, a rural community in Puerto Rico when he was 10 years old. Young Casiano developed an interest in art awakened by these rural surroundings and by the awareness of living in an Island, which made an impression on him.

Photo of Associate Professor Michael Daniel Casselli Jr

Michael Casselli

Chair of the Arts Division/Associate Professor of Sculpture and Installation/Interim Creative Director Herndon Gallery

Michael Casselli has been interested in the hybridization of forms and media since he received his undergraduate degree in visual arts/performance theory from Antioch College in 1987. While at the college, he staged large-scale outdoor mixed media performance installations, whose primary focus was an attempt to clarify issues of sense-based perception and the physicality inherent in performative work.…

Photo of Mrs. Kara M Cea

Kara Cea

Executive Director/Fouder

ArtSparks is an educational outreach organization that provides access to quality dance and music classes and performances to children who may not otherwise have the opportunity. ArtSparks is an Associate of the National Dance Institute and is uniquely equipped to with NDI’s accalimed pedagogy that brings out the best in every child.

In every ArtSparks class, two teaching artists and a musician joyfully lead participants in an exploration of a core academic subject through a fast-paced dance lesson.…

Photo of Cee Cee

Cee has always been interested in the meaning of Existence and the interconnectedness of all things. Cee has been a farmer, Hospice  spiritual caregiver, and written two books about Consciousness. She has produced hundreds of paintings and sculptures and is currently creating etherial room installations. She received a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, an MFA from Mills College in Oakland and was granted the Jay Defeo award.

Photo of Cleveland Celtic Ensemble

Cleveland Celtic Ensemble

Ethereal sounds of the Celtic World in a chamber music ensemble setting.

Born of a desire to marry the best of both Celtic and chamber music in exciting and creative ways, the Cleveland Celtic Ensemble blends Scottish and Irish bagpipes, whistle, flute, fiddle, harp, and dance to create a Celtic style all their own.

Photo of Janet Century

Janet Century has been a successful editorial, documentary; portrait, corporate and fine art photographer who, for more than 40 years, has helped clients tell their stories. Her driving motivation is to communicate through images about humanity and social situations, combining her interest in sociology and photography. The work demonstrates her ability to interact with people and recognize poignant moments that speak volumes

Photo of Darnell Lamar Chambers

Darnell Chambers

Individual Artist

Darnell Chambers was born in San Diego, CA and currently lives and works in Akron, Oh. Through his work he aims to raise awareness of the global injustices to people of color, and to protect and preserve the cultures of people of color. Chambers studied Media Arts and Animation at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and has helped create community art spaces and collectives throughout the city.…

Photo of Carmen Eily Chao

Hello! I am a student at Ohio University and I am studying Graphic Design and furthering my studies with the Cello!

Photo of Padma Chebrolu

Padma Chebrolu

Artistic Director

Padma Chebrolu is an accomplished teaching and performing dance artist and is the artistic director of the Cultural Centre of India (CCI) which she founded about 30 years ago in Cincinnati. Her exemplary artistic abilities, leadership and creativity have created tremendous impact on the arts education and public appreciation for the heritage arts in Ohio’s schools and community organizations.…

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