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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Marvin Daniels

Home 2333 Hardscrabble Road County: Licking
Alexandria Ohio 43001 United States


Art has been a part of my life since childhood. My parents always bought me something new to try out in many Art forms.

I would draw all of the time whenever I had some idle time. I used Art in my work and eventually learned Autocad and 3D programs to continue using my art talents in the construction industry. 

I worked in clay for about 8 years creating large sculptures and mixed media Art. I start painting about 4 years ago to add to my creativity and may try my hand at something new and exciting in the near future. 

I have shown my work at several Columbus area art galleries and events including Studio on High, 3060 Gallery, Riffe Gallery, Cultural Arts Center, Ohio State Fair Fine Art Show and area League shows in Dublin and Upper Arlington. I have also curated and attended several plein-air painting events. 

My pottery work is typically whimsical in design and very colorful and my painting style  typically is realism with a touch of whimsy sometimes. I like bold colors and most of my art evolves around many of our travels around the U.S. I take a lot of photos but have only used them in my art so far in my mixed media pieces. I will do commissions a few times a year as requested.


Artist Statement

I really enjoy all aspects of art but for the time being I am focusing it on painting, mixed media and occasionally sculpture. I like to use bold colors while usually in a realism style but occasionally a bit of whimsy. I can draw nearly anything I see and prefer acrylic when painting to make quick changes or additions. I will also create most of my frames as well. Most of what I create comes from our travels through the years.