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Photo of Anne Katrine Senstad

Anne Katrine Senstad was raised in Singapore and Norway, today she lives and works between New York and Oslo, Norway. She received her art education at Parsons School of Design and The New School for Social Research in New York 1994 and 1999. Senstad’s practice lies in the multi disciplinary intersections of installation art, photography, video, neon sculpture, immersive installation, landart and site specificity, with a focus on the phenomena of perception and the cognitive system in response to the properties of light, sound and color. Senstad is concerned with sensorial aesthetics, perception and the transformative, – the transcendental ideas of art and philosophical practices. Through advanced in depth research she has examined spatial, topological and scientific phenomena of light, sound and color since the mid 1990’s, a foundation for her explorations in the experiential, participatory and experimental. In her ongoing field work, she engages in cultural, social and political interactions through active, organic and personal involvement for a wider educational and collaborative platform between diverse ideologies, developing a new folklore and amalgamation between post-modern individualism and internationalism. Senstad created the central public art work for The Wolfe Center for the Arts at BGSU in Bowling Green, OH that opened in 2010, and designed by Snohetta Architects.

Photo of Yani Sheng

Yani Sheng (b.1982)

Born in Taiwan, raised in Belize, and educated in Canada, transplant Yani Sheng has recently taken roots in Columbus, Ohio. She received her B.F.A. in Visual Art and her Bachelor of Education from Memorial University.  Having exhibited in several galleries abroad, including Image Factory Gallery, JL Gallery, and SWGC Gallery, Yani has now found herself immersed in the Columbus local art scene.

Photo of Faye M Sholiton

Faye Sholiton

Playwright, Screenwriter and Founding Artistic Director

Faye Sholiton is a Cleveland playwright whose work over the past 25 years has been produced around the U.S. and honored with five OAC Individual Excellence Awards. A longtime advocate for the arts, she served seven years as Ohio’s Regional Representative to the Dramatists Guild. In 2011, she founded Interplay Jewish Theatre, to revive a beloved cultural tradition in Cleveland and feature work by playwrights from around the world.

Photo of Mrs. Nancy Beth Shuler

Nancy Shuler


Nancy Beth Shuler has been a native of Ohio since 1972. She is a full-time working artist since graduating with her BFA in 2018. She has exhibited in Dayton, Ohio, at The Dayton Art Institute and Front Street Galleries; and in Troy, Ohio, at Arbogast Performing Arts Center and Hayner Cultural Center. She paints landscapes, abstracts, and figurative work. Her mission is to live the artistic life making visual art.

Photo of Adrian Sibley

Adrian Sibley

Adrian Sibley Profile

I paint to put the viewer of my work in a different frame of consciousness. My ultimate goal is to open your subconscious. If my abstract forms can make you feel slightly uneasy my “magic” is doing it’s job. When I name my pieces several ideas come to mind. Most of it is music, all of it is color, quite a bit is pain/illness and a portion is hurt.…

Photo of Ann Corley Silverman

Ann Corley Silverman pursued the study of hand papermaking in New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Southeast Asia, and the University of Iowa. Her artwork has been displayed in juried, solo, and invitational shows in New York, Chicago, Ohio, and North Carolina, among other national venues. She currently works from studios both in Columbus, Ohio and in Pittsboro, North Carolina.

Photo of Scott Simler

Scott Simler


Scott creates paintings that have been coined “Masters Mash Ups”. For a “Master’s Mash Up”, Scott combines elements inspired by artworks created by master artists, and then he adds his own creativity, resulting in a unique and original artwork. Colorful, playful and entertaining, his paintings reveal a magical mashed up world that bursts onto the surface with unique fervor. Sometimes Scott’s “Master’s Mash Ups” pay clever homage to the artworks that brought him inspiration, and sometimes you can barely see any tangential references. Regardless of his approach, however, the unique character of his own creativity emerges and makes the artwork clearly his own.

Photo of Annette Kay Simon

Annette Simon earned a BFA in Graphic Design from Ohio University and
worked as a freelance designer and fine artist from Studio 7.5 until joining Studios on High Gallery
in Columbus, OH in 2018. Her work has won several awards as well as
being juried into many exhibits including the Columbus Ohio Museum of
Art – Saying Goodbye to the Russel Page Garden, Springfield Museum of
Art – Plein Air and the Ohio State Fair.…

Photo of Cory Skurdal

Cory Skurdal


My plays, including Abundant Life, Catspaw, Sticks & Stones, The Body Politic, and Adeste Fideles have been produced/developed by Original Productions Theatre (OPT), Evolution Theatre Company, CATCO, The Tipping Point Theatre Company, Curtain Players, MadLab, and the Jewel Box Theatre. I received the CATCO/Greater Columbus Arts Council Playwriting Fellowship and the Jewel Box Theatre Playwriting Award. I am a member of The Dramatists Guild and the Central Ohio Theatre Roundtable.

Photo of Todd Slaughter

I have increasingly developed my large scale artworks in collaboration with engineers and architects. My most recent art practice interests are reflected in my artworks concerning individual American individualism, isolationism, and romantic naturalism.
I also have developed a body of personal artworks including drawings, cast aluminum flowers and weeds, suspended cats,
A catalog of my recent work may be downloaded at my website:

Photo of Gaynelle Sloman

Originally from Charleston, West Virginia, Gaynelle Sloman is an award-winning artist, graphic designer, filmmaker and writer. Her unique acrylic and mixed media work is primarily abstract impressionistic, but she is also expressionistic in style. She also sometimes works in colored pencils and pastels, using a more illustrative style.

She studied art at West Virginia University and the Columbus College of Art & Design, holding BA degrees in both art and psychology from UC.…

Photo of Megan Joy Smallwood

After successfully catching them all, Meg Smallwood left her secluded forest home to explore the rest of Ohio. She found it lacking in fantastic, bright, colorful things, and thus took on the quest to bring color to as many surfaces as she could. Joined in her quest is her partner Dan and together they spawned two somewhat helpful offspring. 

Photo of Inga H Smith

I have been interested in photography for as long as I can remember. When I was a child of 8, my family emigrated from Germany at the beginning of WWII. We had to leave everything behind, and during all of my childhood, I wished I could see baby pictures of myself as well as pictures of my family.…

Photo of Jeffrey M. Smith

I grew up in Dayton, flew with the USAF and retired to Dayton where I pursue landscape photography. I chase sunsets/twilights. I also create images using Evidence-based design (EBD) principles. EBD is an approach where researchers realized that people feel relaxed, heal faster, and become more productive when surrounded by certain calming images of nature. I hope these vibrant prints bring you a few moments of peace and solitude.

Photo of Kelsey Anilee Smith

Kelsey Anilee Smith stitches her way through the wildflowers that live where she lives. A love of history that inspires her use of vintage pieces and traditional sewing methods in unusual ways. She uses techniques like sashiko, embroidery, and needle-turn applique to create tapestries that incorporate varies beautiful textiles both old and new to bring a new perspective on plants native to the midwest and northeast.

Photo of Klaire Smith

Klaire Smith was born in the hills of Southern Ohio and raised in Portsmouth, Ohio; the region having always been a point of inspiration. She was certified as a Professional Printer at the Tamarind Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico studying lithography and was trained professionally as a collaborator. Klaire’s current work utilizes woodblock printing, toucheing on regionalism, Appalachia, and all its complexities.

Photo of Rachel Rachel Suzanne Smith

Rachel Suzanne Smith is an artist, metalsmith, and educator. She is currently working as the Fabrication Lab Supervisor at Oberlin College. She received her undergraduate degree at Miami University in Art Education with minors in 3D Media Studies (jewelry/metals) and Spanish. She received her MFA in Crafts (Jewelry Metals Enameling) at Kent State University. Smith maintains a solo studio practice as well as one in collaboration with Jennifer Ramirez. 

Photo of Logan Snell

Logan Snell is a painter living in Cleveland, Ohio.

Photo of Susan Snipes

Susan Snipes is a mixed media painter. She creates richly textured paintings about personal transformation using abstract organic forms. Susan’s paintings have won multiple awards and have been exhibited nationally. Her art is in private collections across the United States. Susan received a B.A. in Art History from Case Western Reserve University. She was born in Toledo, Ohio and lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

Photo of Jeannette Sorrell

Jeannette Sorrell

Apollo’s Fire Baroque Orchestra

Named for the classical god of music, healing and the sun, Apollo’s Fire is a GRAMMY®-winning ensemble. The period-instrument orchestra was founded by award-winning harpsichordist and conductor Jeannette Sorrell, and is dedicated to the baroque ideal that music should evoke the various Affekts or passions in the listeners. Apollo’s Fire is a collection of creative artists who share Sorrell’s passion for drama and rhetoric.…