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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Don Scott

Visual Artist Don Scott Gallery
Home 3964 Maidstone Dr County: Franklin
Columbus OH 43230 United States
Cell Phone: 6143705302 Website: Don Scott Gallery


As a Virginia native, Don grew up surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, treasuring the natural beauty of his home state and making photographs as a way to express devotion to his beloved environment. Don broadened his experience and interest in art and photography while in college and after graduation worked briefly for the federal government, photographing in several locations across the country. Returning to his hometown, he began a long career in public broadcasting and at the same time exhibited his artwork in numerous shows and competitions, earning several honors and awards. Later moving to North Carolina and then Ohio, Don advanced his professional career while continuing to create and exhibit his original mixed media art, pigment prints, and image transfers. In 2016, he co-founded Highline Coffee Art Space in Worthington and served as the director and curator for nearly five years. Now, as he further develops his personal work, Don experiments with various mediums and tools to express his artistic vision.

Artist Statement

In every season, the natural world offers a canvas of intricate beauty, but we must seek it out to fully marvel at its splendor. My minimalistic disposition leads me to take a closer view of what nature presents, reveal its innate albeit imperfect order, and interpret it from an abstract perspective. Although I’m currently experimenting with a variety of mediums and alternative processes, most of my work remains rooted in the photographic image. Creating art, no matter the mediums or techniques used, can be a lifelong odyssey of delightful joy. After experiencing my work, I encourage viewers to explore the wonders of nature on their own: look, seek, and discover.


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