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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

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Photo of Ginny Baughman

I’ve spent my life devoted to creating, teaching, and learning about art. My inspiration comes my life as a woman, wife, mother, student, teacher and an inhabitant of this earth.
I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. I received a BFA from the University of Dayton and an MA in Art Education from OSU. I’ve been a teaching artist for over 20 years and freelance artist for over 25 years mostly in central Ohio. I’ve recently moved back home to the Dayton area and excited about the Dayton area arts scene.

Photo of Gary Beeber


Gary Beeber is an award-winning American photographer and filmmaker who has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world.  He has had numerous solo photography exhibitions and his documentary films have been screened at over 150 film festivals.  Pfizer Pharmaceutical, Goldman Sachs and Chase Bank are Fortune 500 companies who collect his work.

Photo of John F Benvenuto

In twenty-two years as an art teacher, stateside and overseas, I eventually taught grades Pre-K thru 12th.  Meanwhile I established myself as an installation artist, exhibiting in the Midwest and East Coast, with architectural-referenced works.  Included in my pursuits were a number of fellowships and residencies.  Lately my focus and materials have shifted to those structures in the natural world and their relationship to the structures of the human brain and nervous system.  The presentation and materials of my works reflect my investment in process (how we see and comprehend) and in the expressive elegance of  the simple and the natural material. 

Photo of Michele BonDurant

Michele BonDurant is a painter/mixed media artist based in Dayton, Ohio receiving a BFA from Wright State University. BonDurant finds and frames the everyday in her observational landscapes and cut paper paintings. Her spare, calculated style reflects both contentment in the ordinary, and an interest in heightened drama through the use of pattern and shadow.…

Photo of RDarden Bradshaw

Darden Bradshaw is Associate Professor of Art Education and Area Coordinator for Art Education at the University of Dayton. Holding both a Ph.D. in Art History and Education and an M.F.A. in Fiber Art from the University of Arizona, Tucson, Bradshaw works primarily with the historically rich and labor-intensive processes of wet and needle-felting, quilting, and weaving. She celebrates and draws attention to the often overlooked or unacknowledged.

Photo of Cecilia Brendel

Born in St Louis Missouri in 1962, Cecilia Brendel’s initial art education was in Technical illustration and Graphic Arts.  Illustrating for companies such as University of Notre Dame, Florida Institute of Technology, Harley Davidson, Holiday Rambler. Her early illustrating career lead her into working for Publishers such as MacGraw-Hill Publishing, GMA Publishing and American Book Publishers, designing book covers, illustrating children’s books and illustrating technical articles and other publications.  …

Photo of Jim Patrick Crotty CPP

Jim Crotty


“Through the prints that I publish, showcase and sell; and from the workshops and instruction I provide, I want to illustrate the deeper meaning of photography as an art and as a purpose.”

Photo of Clifford Darrett

Clifford Darrett

Active Artist

Clifford Darrett, born and raised in Evansville, Indiana, now living in Dayton, Ohio for the last 53 years, has always had the natural ability to draw, passed to him from his father, who was a very good drawer.  He took classes in drawing, painting and graphic arts at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio, while working on his Associate Degree for Electronic Data Processing. …

Photo of Amy Amy Deal

Amy Deal


Amy Deal is a mixed media painter. She is also known for mural designs in Dayton, OH. Her largest mural is over 900 linear sq ft along the Great Miami River at Downtown Dayton’s Five River MetroParks RiverScape River Run. Amy has also worked with nonconventional materials to create commentaries on how consumerism is denigrating our environment. Her current series of works is intuitive, mono print paintings.

Photo of Gregory Keith DeGroat

Gregory DeGroat

Fine Artist/Graphic Designer

was born in Springfield, Ohio in 1955. My father was an artist, and some of my earliest memories are of him teaching me how to draw. My first paintings were at the age of 8, a mare and a stallion, respectively. I can remember watching the neighborhood kids outside playing tag from my kitchen window, with my father promising to let me play with them, as soon as I completed the hair on the portrait on which he had me working .-)

I majored in art in high school, then took art courses in college, which was followed by a 27-year career as a graphic artist with the Dayton Daily News, in Ohio.…

Photo of Jamaal Durr

The work I create comes from a sincere, introspective space where I seek to resolve issues of my identity. From childhood to adulthood, to fatherhood, and everything in between, every piece acts as a critical thinking session that brings me closer to a better understanding of self. This is communicated through figurative charcoal drawings and oil paintings that are rendered with such a care for detail that the power of my connection to the subject matter shines through.…

Photo of Mr. J. Kenneth Grody

J. Kenneth Grody considers painting to be his real passion, and strives to make his work come to life.

Ken is a graduate of Wright State University earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a focus in painting and art history. In addition to studying with several of today’s exceptional painters and portrait artists, he also feels very fortunate to have had the opportunity to study abroad in England, France, and Italy. While there he studied and viewed many of the great works by the old masters, which he believes has a profound impact upon his art.

His art has been displayed in numerous exhibitions and can be found in private and corporate collections on several continents.

Photo of Mikee Christi Huber

Mikee Huber


Mikee Huber is an abstract painter whose work is inspired by natural and man-made environments.

Photo of Debbie M Lam

Debbie Lam is a self-taught mixed media artist who also enjoys painting, sketching, and jewelry-making. Debbie has an MBA in Health Care Leadership, and works full-time as a physician practice manager. She is a new member of the Dayton Society of Artists and has had work accepted into the DSA Annual Spring Juried show, Inspire(d), and was also honored to win third place at the annual DSA member’s show, reMEMBERed.…

Photo of David Leach

David Leach

Emeritus Professor

David Leach was born in Evanston, Illinois, in 1946. He received a B.A. from Bucknell University, and an M.F.A. from Ohio University. He is an Emeritus Professor at Wright State University, having taught studio art there – primarily printmaking and drawing – from 1973 to 2003. He served as Chair of the Department of Art and Art History from 1985 to 1989.…

Photo of Mrs Victoria Lynn Lucas

I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. I have lived in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and now back in Ohio for now. I’m primarily a self-taught abstract artist.

I’m disabled due to failed back syndrome of the cervical spine. This caused nerve root damage, which impacts the use of my arms and hands.…

Photo of Brian C Mathus

Brian Mathus


In 2015 started studying Graphic design finished with a degree. Bringing order to chaos I began to love creating again. I and my wife and a few friends moved into a Studio on the front street. Started painting again seriously in 2017. I started paint figuratively again.

Photo of Teresa M Olavarria

Teresa Olavarria

Artist & Instructor

Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Dayton and studied Art Therapy at the University of Louisville. She continues refining and expanding her skills with classes in metal casting, glass, lapidary and 3D printing. She has taught class in metal enameling, drawing, ink painting and collage to both adults and children.

Photo of Marsha Marsha Pippenger

Marsha has been making art for more than 40 years. She believes in the power of visual art: in her case, creating colorful, textural collages addressing issues like immigration, climate change, the power of light, and the necessity of visual beauty.

She holds a BFA from Ohio Northern University and a Master of Humanities from Wright State University. Through Central State University, she completed independent coursework with local artist and educator Bing Davis, now a close friend and mentor.

Photo of Marc A Pitman

It wasn’t until I was in my mid fifties and was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia, and when I say rare I mean “we don’t know what this is and there is no cure, here take these pills” rare, that I found the freedom to quit my day job and focus completely on my art.

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