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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

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Artist by Last Name
Photo of Ms C Jeanette Jackson

C Jackson


C.J. Jackson is a product of Loveland, Ohio, who played on farms as a child, lived in Cincinnati as an adult, and relocated to rural Warren County to find peace. She is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the First Family Lineage Society of Hamilton County, Ohio. Her debut novel “Hunting Wildflowers” is a charming walk through mystery and history. A must read for anyone with connections to Southwest Ohio.

Photo of James McKenna

James began in metalsmithing, with an aesthetic reminiscent of Arte Povera. Now, tactility and immediacy combine with feelings of urgency to create works of haunting intensity. There is a critical link between his rough materials and complicated feelings about aging. His studio is in SW Ohio.

Photo of Lynda Sappington

As a self-taught sculptor, Lynda Sappington produces sculptures of horses, wildlife, etc., in bronze and resin, which are collected worldwide. She has made custom trophies for horse shows, horse breed associations and racetracks across the US and Canada. Montana Silversmiths had Lynda do two sculptures for them. She made a monumental bronze of a Friesian stallion for the Fenway Foundation of Friesian Horses. Two of her bronzes are the top perpetual trophies at the Global Dressage Festival (GDF) in Wellington, Florida, another is a USDF year-end award and one resides in the USDF Hall of Fame.

During the pandemic, Lynda began taking painting classes online. She has learned a wide variety of techniques from Jennifer Vranes ( and Bruce Marion ( Since she began painting, she has done several commissioned paintings and sold many others. What can she make for you?

Photo of Dr. Yufeng Wang

Yufeng Wang


As an ink and wash brush painting artist, my love of traditional Chinese art was inspired by renowned artists Sun Qifeng and Fan Zeng in Tianjin, China, since my teenage years. My artwork desires to transmit a sense of peace and harmony in nature and humanity.

Through Chinese brush painting and calligraphy, I attempt to convey the inner spirits and outer beauty of our surroundings. I use the fine-tipped Chinese brush with ink and color on paper, silk, canvas and ceramics, creating a rhythmic synchronization of stroke variations and texture expressions to form a mind reflection of the subject. The goal of my brush painting is not to merely reproduce the appearance of the subject but to capture its soul.