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Photo of Michael Laurence Bankhead II

Michael Bankhead

owner, songwriter, artist, podcaster

Dayton Ohio’s Mike Bankhead is an artist’s artist in every sense of the word. While most know him as a bass player and songwriter, Bankhead has unlimited reach and talent. All of this is wrapped up in a man whose raw passion for the art bleeds through everything Mike Bankhead does. Humble enough the Ohio artist has experience writing music for full band compositions, guitar rock,  and multilingual accompaniments.…

Photo of Associate Professor Michael Daniel Casselli Jr

Michael Casselli

Chair of the Arts Division/Associate Professor of Sculpture and Installation/Interim Creative Director Herndon Gallery

Photo of Robert Robert A Coates

I work with clay, bronze, and mixed media. Some of my work has its roots in ancient cultures, in which natural atmospheric forces are often personified as gods and goddesses. For example, in ancient Greece, times of day, heavenly bodies, and the earth were embodied in mythical persona. My pieces speak of the beauty and flow of the natural world, and they reflect my concern for and love of the earth.

Photo of Dr Frank E Dobson Jr

In my novels, The Race is Not Given (1999) and Rendered Invisible: Stories of Blacks & Whites, Love & Death (2010), and other works, I examine racism, racial reconciliation, resilience, and hope. I have published scholarship on Black literature, film, and pop culture. I am a playwright and poet. I am working on children’s literature featuring Black heroism. My work is rooted in my faith and my working-class background.

Photo of Jack Earley

Jack Earley was born and raised in Xenia OH, and has lived in New York, California, Arizona, Minnesota and North Dakota. He has lived in Ohio (again) since 1994.  He started his professional art career in 1986, having over 40 art galleries across the United States handling his work, with many one-man shows/openings and group shows. …

Photo of Gae Renee Helton

Gae Helton
Beavercreek OH 45440

AIP – Commercial Art
AIC – Web design
Art Academy of Cincinnati – Watercolor
K12 Gallery- Mosaics

1985 – 2015 Graphic designer, graphic print technician for packaging, Illustrator and Photoshop
2017 – Present – mural design and mosaics

Art Fellows Dayton 2017
Dayton Metro Parks Riverscape – Sewer Riser 2020
Dayton Metro Library – Northmont – Glass Mosaic 2022
Kroger Woodman Dr – Entrance Mural 2022

Photo of Mr. Jon Barlow HUDSON


Master Fine Arts

I was born in Montana in 1945 & at age 6 we moved to Saudi Arabia for three years, which began my travels all round the world. Since receiving my MFA in 1972 from Cal-Arts, followed by 2 years at a CA gold mine, I have been creating large-scale sculpture projects for public environments throughout the States & in 27 countries round the world — 24 throughout China alone.

Photo of Jeffrey M. Smith

I grew up in Dayton, flew with the USAF and retired to Dayton where I pursue landscape photography. I chase sunsets/twilights. I also create images using Evidence-based design (EBD) principles. EBD is an approach where researchers realized that people feel relaxed, heal faster, and become more productive when surrounded by certain calming images of nature. I hope these vibrant prints bring you a few moments of peace and solitude.

Photo of Todd Turner

Primarily I am a landscape photographer, though I love including people in my work enjoying the natural world around them, as well as street photography when I am in new or exciting locations. I also enjoy night photography, so I try to find places where light pollution is minimal to better bring out the majesty of the night sky.…