Demon Heads

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HYDRA 45″h x 21″w x 19″d/ paper/ 2022 CHIMERA 38.5″h x 28″w x 27″d/ paper on polypropylene stand/ 2019 LION-SNAKE 34″h x 25″w x 33″d/ paper on polypropylene stand/ 2018 CERBERUS 24″h x 17″w x 20″d/ digital model to be … Continued

Other Selected Work, 2019

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Transmigration Dimensions: 12″x12″x6″ Materials: red mulberry, ebonized white oak, plywood, photography, washi, gilding Date: UA Concourse Gallery Exhibition “Tying Up Loose Ends”, 2019 Night Walk in the Scrubland Dimensions: 10″x4″x10″ Materials: osage orange, plywood, washi paper Date: “Columbus in Cuba … Continued

“beingnonbeing”, Studios on High Gallery, 2019

Banyan (obverse, reverse view) Dimensions: 1.5’x1.5’x1.5′ Materials: red mulberry, osage orange, washi paper, internal lighting Date: Studios on High Gallery Exhibition “beingnonbeing”, 2019 Below the Waterline Dimensions: 16″x12″x16″ Materials: red mulberry, osage orange, washi paper, internal lighting Date: Studios on … Continued

Mixed Media

Dancer 36×48 Mixed media and handmade paper She embodies the joy of dancing Price: $900 Tree Lighting 46×34 framed Mixed media and handmade paper So much fun to go to a city tree lighting Price:$850 Music I 36×48 Mixed media, … Continued

Mark Langan corrugated box art

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Corrugated version: “Bedroom at Arles” Height: 22.50″ Width 35.50″ Depth: 2.50″ Recycled corrugated boxes / Acrylic paint / non-toxic glue 2019 Corrugated version: “Queen of Hearts” Height: 37.0″ Width: 25.50″ Depth: 2.50″ Recycled corrugated boxes / permanent inks / non-toxic … Continued


Carp Pond 30×42″ Watercolor on Paper Cactus and Flowers 30×42″ Watercolor on Paper Stair, Saqqara 30×42″ Watercolor on Paper Statue with Pedestal 23×30″ Watercolor on Paper, 2019 The Formerly Great Salt Lake 9×12″ Watercolor on Paper, 2018 At the Farm … Continued

Watercolors- Travel Inspired

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Arcade- Aqueduct of Claudio, Rome 5.5×8.5″ Watercolor on Paper, 2017 Stair, Pomposa Abbey, Codigoro 5.5×8.5″ Watercolor on Paper, 2017 View of Vesuvius, Pompeii 9×12″ Watercolor on Paper Campo San Maurizio, Venice 7×10″ Watercolor on Paper Window View, Milano 5.5×8.5″ Watercolor … Continued

MP Marion Paper Art

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Book Eruption 26×32. Resist & transfer technique using overbeaten/pigmented cotton fiber in mister spray application. Isostatic rebound adjustment 27×24 handmade paper with fern inclusions. collaged using resist & transfer technique Strata handmade paper from cotton blue jeans and other fibers. … Continued

Animal Inks #1

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Jonathan Seagull Love the accidents and play involved in working with the watery mediums. Sometimes I am simply studying something and aiming to render it as faithfully as possible. Other times, the vitality of these sentient beings is better caught … Continued

Wetlands Series

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Wetlands 1 Paint on Cherry Wood, 14″x28″x1″. 2020 Price: $1500 Wetlands IX Carved and painted cherry wood 18″x15″x2″ 2020 $1200 Wetlands XI Cherry Wood, Ash Wood, Paint 2020 22″x12″x1″ $1200 Wetlands IV Cherry Wood, Paint 2020 18″x17″x1″ $1200 Wetlands VIII … Continued

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