Drawings In Color

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Earth Mama A woman becoming one with nature, giving up the “reality” that has destroyed her. Cat and Lady Lady whose only companion is her feline friend. Always Chilly Based off my friend, Amy, who is perpetually cold. Daydreamer Lady … Continued

Demon Heads

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HYDRA 45″h x 21″w x 19″d/ paper/ 2022 CHIMERA 38.5″h x 28″w x 27″d/ paper on polypropylene stand/ 2019 LION-SNAKE 34″h x 25″w x 33″d/ paper on polypropylene stand/ 2018 CERBERUS 24″h x 17″w x 20″d/ digital model to be … Continued

Other Selected Work, 2019

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Transmigration Dimensions: 12″x12″x6″ Materials: red mulberry, ebonized white oak, plywood, photography, washi, gilding Date: UA Concourse Gallery Exhibition “Tying Up Loose Ends”, 2019 Night Walk in the Scrubland Dimensions: 10″x4″x10″ Materials: osage orange, plywood, washi paper Date: “Columbus in Cuba … Continued

“beingnonbeing”, Studios on High Gallery, 2019

Banyan (obverse, reverse view) Dimensions: 1.5’x1.5’x1.5′ Materials: red mulberry, osage orange, washi paper, internal lighting Date: Studios on High Gallery Exhibition “beingnonbeing”, 2019 Below the Waterline Dimensions: 16″x12″x16″ Materials: red mulberry, osage orange, washi paper, internal lighting Date: Studios on … Continued

Mixed Media

Dancer 36×48 Mixed media and handmade paper She embodies the joy of dancing Price: $900 Tree Lighting 46×34 framed Mixed media and handmade paper So much fun to go to a city tree lighting Price:$850 Music I 36×48 Mixed media, … Continued

Mark Langan corrugated box art

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Corrugated version: “Bedroom at Arles” Height: 22.50″ Width 35.50″ Depth: 2.50″ Recycled corrugated boxes / Acrylic paint / non-toxic glue 2019 Corrugated version: “Queen of Hearts” Height: 37.0″ Width: 25.50″ Depth: 2.50″ Recycled corrugated boxes / permanent inks / non-toxic … Continued


Carp Pond 30×42″ Watercolor on Paper Cactus and Flowers 30×42″ Watercolor on Paper Stair, Saqqara 30×42″ Watercolor on Paper Statue with Pedestal 23×30″ Watercolor on Paper, 2019 The Formerly Great Salt Lake 9×12″ Watercolor on Paper, 2018 At the Farm … Continued

Watercolors- Travel Inspired

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Arcade- Aqueduct of Claudio, Rome 5.5×8.5″ Watercolor on Paper, 2017 Stair, Pomposa Abbey, Codigoro 5.5×8.5″ Watercolor on Paper, 2017 View of Vesuvius, Pompeii 9×12″ Watercolor on Paper Campo San Maurizio, Venice 7×10″ Watercolor on Paper Window View, Milano 5.5×8.5″ Watercolor … Continued

MP Marion Paper Art

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Book Eruption 26×32. Resist & transfer technique using overbeaten/pigmented cotton fiber in mister spray application. Isostatic rebound adjustment 27×24 handmade paper with fern inclusions. collaged using resist & transfer technique Strata handmade paper from cotton blue jeans and other fibers. … Continued

Animal Inks #1

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Jonathan Seagull Love the accidents and play involved in working with the watery mediums. Sometimes I am simply studying something and aiming to render it as faithfully as possible. Other times, the vitality of these sentient beings is better caught … Continued

Wetlands Series

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Wetlands 1 Paint on Cherry Wood, 14″x28″x1″. 2020 Price: $1500 Wetlands IX Carved and painted cherry wood 18″x15″x2″ 2020 $1200 Wetlands XI Cherry Wood, Ash Wood, Paint 2020 22″x12″x1″ $1200 Wetlands IV Cherry Wood, Paint 2020 18″x17″x1″ $1200 Wetlands VIII … Continued

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