Fragmented Visuals


48″ x 36″ Acrylic on canvas with thin natural oak frame. $1,870.
Fragmented painting of a woman sitting next to a pond with wild yellow irises.
The trees are reflecting in the water as she is also reflecting thoughtfully with her hand in her hair and elbow on knee.
I have a pond on my property, and wild yellow irises just appeared one year. They are multiplying and are beautiful.
I was drawn to the image of this woman with her meditative pose. I thought it would be nice to have her sitting at my pond as the backdrop.

Side Eye

25″ x 25″ Acrylic on wrapped canvas. $880.
This fragmented style works well with her attitude. I chose the photo because I love her side eye view looking at you.
By slicing up the photo she has more mystery and questions with the angle she’s looking at you. The tension where her cheek is at the edge of the painting also creates an uneasiness with what she’s possibly feeling.
Also, I like is how the center of her lip on the left leads into the next slice of her lower lip – it touches there. Her eyebrow has a tangent where one is cut and that upper corner touches the bottom of the higher brow.

Ode to Geo

16″ x 16″ Graphite and acrylic on wood panel. $500.
His beautiful profile draws you in with his wavy hair and angelic expression. Kind of like a Roman statue. The decorative patterned background adds to the peaceful mood, then the bold blue splash across his face completes the mystery of this fragmented graphically designed piece.