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Amphibian Man Music from the Soviet film “Amphibian Man” by Andrey Petrov Grotesque & Reflection music for balalaika and piano by Trostyansky Russian Duo 1-sheet About + Bios About Russian Duo and biographies of the musicians 10/14/2022

Song Lyrics page 2

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Lone Star Blues Lone Star Blues copyright 2012 Dale Galgozy I shouldn’t wave to her She’s a distant thought Floating over us all Over us all I shouldn’t chase her light It can’t be touched Floating over us all Over … Continued

Song Lyrics

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All Too Wild Wind All Too Wild Wind copyright 1987 Dale Galgozy Not a clue How to say Ways are lost By failing dreams Ways to belief If the eye could see All too wild wind for the season I … Continued

Hasu Patel Performance and Teaching images

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Hasu Teaching Krishaan Sitar 2021 Hasu Patel Columbus Schools program 2019 Hasu Patel Lafayette College Orchestra 2019 Hasu Patel performing students Rishikesh Hasu Patel performing at Woodstock Festival at Yasgurs Farm 1999 Hasu Patel performing at Woodstock 50th festival 2019 … Continued


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I Touched A Rainbow Allen J. Friedman singer/songwriter I TOUCHED A RAINBOW Lyrics~ I miss seventeen I miss teenage dreams if you know just what I mean I touched a rainbow memories are like~memories are like dreams memories are like~memories … Continued

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Caught In The Rain From LP Scrape and Cuss 04/09/2021 al;djklsadlkjasdfjlksadfjklsadfkljfjkl;jklafsdjkl;asdfjsafdjjklsdfjlk;asdf

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