Placemaking and Immersive Spaces

Tree of Light (night view)

The Tashan Tree Of Light is a three story tall cascading and lighted beacon of hope crowned with glowing spires reaching to the seven continents and to heaven. George’s original signature whimsical designs, inspired by local folk art, evoke love, strength, roots, and hope. Our concept was to fire up a new source of art in the mountains – reconnecting and invigorating the local communities, rejuvenating tourist interest in the area’s nature, and fueling a healthy and prosperous linkage between the island’s coastal cities and the local tribe.

It sits at the mouth of a mountain valley running to the heart of the region, and was one of the hardest hit by the typhoon. George imagined and designed both the Tashan Tree of Light, and the companion Open Your Heart art sculptures for the village. These inspiring attractions would stand out as monuments, shining a bright new light on renewed community connection in the spirit of love, peace, and hope. They would create both literal and figurative gathering grounds helping to coax the community back together and sharing these blessings for all. Their creations would also create jobs, promote education, and further serve as fresh new long-standing tourist attractions.

Dimensions: 18x18x40 feet designed in 2020 and installed in Laiji Village Taiwan.
Materials: steel, acrylic, LED lights

Open Your Heart (night view)

Complementing the Tashan Tree of Light, Open Your Heart is a huge heart sculpture that shines like stained glass with the sun throughout the day, and beams from light within at night.

At its center it features an especially poignant keyhole design symbolizing the promise of a heart unlocked and open to resolving difficulty and tension. It lives nestled within the ridiculously beautiful river valley in the indigenous village of Laiji in Taiwan’s Alishan mountains.

We designed Tashan Tree of Light and Open Your Heart to bring light, hope, energy, and revitalization to an area hard hit by Typhoon Morakat in 2009.

Dimensions: 8x8x3 feet designed in 2020 and installed in Laiji Village Taiwan.
Materials: steel, acrylic, LED lights

Mountain Majesty (projection mural)

Mountain Majesty, George Berlin’s uniquely dazzling projection story for AdAmAn Alley brilliantly blends inspiring images layered together with an all-new mural painted by world renowned artist El Mac.
The rich light and resplendent colors showcase the mountain region’s vast natural beauty. Lush forest, high prairie, and indigenous flowers grow and bloom before our eyes, and reveal the region’s creatures great and small in action. And of course there are the famous fireworks, shooting into the star studded sky, and reflecting their delightful display and warm glow across the child’s face and ours.
In George’s signature style, Mountain Majesty creates the space and beckons us to blend ourselves into the story. We are touched by a deeper meaning reflected by our own personal life experience. We become emotionally connected standing alongside the child, also struck with wonder and awe, and share fully in this magical celebration of this region’s natural beauty, and the thrill of the AdAmAn Club’s New Year’s Eve fireworks spectacle!

Dimensions: 40×60 foot video projection on painted mural by El Mac, duration 15 minutes
Permanent installation in downtown Colorado Springs
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Spectrum at 150 Media Stream (visuals with live music and dance)

Spectrum: a celebration through the colors that light up our lives, transports us around the hues that paint the emotional life experiences in our world. The deep love that first brought us into this life, nurtures our growth, softens our sadness, fires our passions, fuels our aspirations, and often leads to bringing more new life into our world, and comforts us in our twilight.

Spectrum debuted with Chicago’s Mind Exchange Music performing their custom score LIVE in Chicago August 18th 2021. The original music score is tightly woven together with the vibrant visuals into the very fabric of the work, pulling us ever more dramatically forward into the rolling waves of emotional connection and further enhancing the immersive experience.​

Spectrum: Reimagined premiered May 3rd 2022 as an entirely NEW immersive art experience– a live performance featuring Urban Jazz by Joel Hall Dancers with new choreography by Jacqueline Sinclair complementing our original story and transforming the soaring entryway into a magical wonderland with live music and floral design by Zac Hall, transforming the space into a lush natural landscape.

The performance reinvigorated an iconic urban space by placing focus on community and the energetic exchange that happens when we interact with each other.

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