Sandy Kessler Kaminski

Time Travelers

2,000 sq ft mural, Acrylic with parachute cloth, Budget 14k
Created in partnership with Edith Abeyta (Arts Excursions Unlimited) and Support from Trying Together , the City of Pittsburgh and Hazelwood residents The mural begins with Odessy our young supehero traveling through time, being led by community elder, Homer as he tells the history of Hazelwood.
Black and white elements painted over the winter by residents and artist. Then in the spring, using a marouflage technique
the elements were incorporated into the mural. Words on child’s game chosen by residents

Timeless Moments

18×45′, PPG Paint, PPG Arena/Pittsburgh Penguins Budget 10k 2017
The moments were selected by fans via website, I redrew/reconstructed the moments
and painted on curved wall.

Mosites Mural

8×14′ Acrylic painting on panel 5k 2018
collection of Mosites Construction Company


digital image, size variable Pittsburgh National Airport 2018
This celebrates the workers Pittsburgh is famous for.