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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Lawrence Baker

Home 3395 Superior Park Drive County: Cuyahoga
Cleveland Heights Ohio 44118 United States
Home Phone: 216-321-9247 Home Phone: 216-269-1407


I was born in Jacksonville Florida during the late 1940’s, where dreams were dangerous and notions of high self-esteem were deadly for young black males.  In a published book (Middle Passages- The Artistic Life of Lawrence Baker by Louis B. Burroughs) I share stories of my torn relationships, the magnetism of the streets and how art became the canvas for my particular portrayal of life.

For me life became a series of calculations; any miscalculations would have lead to my undoing.  My sometime successes nourished me.  I chose art as my vehicle to seek out some of those successes.  Though over a period of twenty to thirty years off and on of seeking higher education; I always made an effort to continue learning in some capacity.  Some of those steps of continued learning was a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a minor in Education, Masters of Arts, Masters of Fine Arts from Kent State University, Kent Ohio (1989).  I also was the recipient of Doctorate of Humane Letters from Wilberforce University, Wilberforce Ohio.   

Artistically one of most my proudest achievements was the Jackson Pollack-Krasner Foundation Grant for 2017-18.



Artist Statement

Nature is my subject matter.  Nature drawing today for me is seen as some kind of urge to imitate nature.  It is not real, but rather a facsimile captured on hard surfaces and capable of conveying feelings and thoughts to others more subtle and unobtrusive, unlike modern media.

For the past twenty years and the perceivable future, I have found my subject matter whatever that maybe on the ground and immediate surroundings.  This included elements based nature whether they have fallen, stayed, decade and regenerating.  In these abstractions on the ground are anthropomorphic and unexplained mysteries, which I find endlessly fascinating.  Although I start childlike with basic graphic marks on white paper, in no particular order; my themes are life, decay, death, regeneration, and ultimately nature’s beauty.

Lawrence Baker M.F.A.

Doctorate of Humane Letters


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