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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Jose Luis Quinones

Jose Luis Quinones
Home 6465 Willow Drive County: Cuyahoga
Independence Ohio 44131 United States


Jose Luis Quinones was born in Yauco, Puerto Rico. He completed his Art Education at Cooper School of Art and the Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, Ohio. Jose has exhibited his paintings for over forty years throughout the United States and abroad.

Joses’s family left Puerto Rico and moved to Cleveland, Ohio when he was three. His family lived on the west side of Cleveland, where his father opened a small neighborhood grocery store. After high school, Jose met his wife, Sue, at Cooper School of Art. They have been together ever since. Jose and Sue graduated from The Cleveland Institute of Art and married after school. They have four children who, of course, are artistic like their parents.

After college, Jose, like Rosenquist, pursued a job at an outdoor media company where he hand-painted large advertising billboards for over twenty years. Living in Cleveland, Jose finds inspiration for his paintings in daily life. Some of his ideas came from his father’s local store. The rest came from everyday items tossed away in the urban environment. Jose works full-time in his at-home studio, where he diligently continues to create his unique Photorealistic shaped paintings.

Artist Statement

I am an American artist. My medium is oil on canvas. I shape the outer edges of the surface to portray the object in the painting. Like Rosenquist, I painted billboards for an outdoor media company. Painting on a large scale influenced the size of my art, which I found an essential factor in the viewer’s impact. Some murals used extensions on the billboard’s perimeters, enhancing their ideas, which led me to shape my paintings.

I was fascinated with Photorealism and the Pop Art era. I generated an innovative idea of combining simple everyday objects using Photorealism, eliminating the background, and enlarging the object to make a unique statement. My paintings are in oil on shaped canvas, hand-painted, and executed to look like an airbrush technique. I blend my Photorealistic style with Pop Art to transform a two-dimensional surface into a three-dimensional illusion. Combining Photorealism and Pop Art produces an extraordinary visual delight!


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