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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Tony Lipps

Tony Lipps Art
Home 2511 Essex Pl County: Hamilton
Cincinnati OHIO 45202 United States
Website: Website


Lipps grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and graduated Moeller High School in 2001. Lipps attended the school of visual arts at Kent State University from 2001-2005. After leaving Kent State, Lipps joined the Hamilton County Sheriff’s department in July of 2005 and became a corrections officer, and attended the Sheriff’s Police academy in 2007. While working for the Sheriff’s office Lipps continued to practice painting and rented out a studio space at Essex Studios. Lipps served as a police officer for the Sheriff’s Department from 2011-2019 before reaching a decision to leave police work and become an artist full time with the support and backing of the Sheriff’s administration. Lipps is Married to Libby Beiting-Lipps and has two sons, Julius and Remy. 

While establishing himself as an artist Lipps has sold artwork at Cincinnati Art Gallery and at a solo show at Eisele gallery. Lipps has shown work at the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame, Fitton Center in Hamilton and has made many donations of artworks to special causes, such as cancer benefits and the American Heart Association Ball in Dayton. 

Artist Statement

Tony Lipps uses expressive marks through thick brush strokes and pallet knife applications to add an expressive dynamic to his paintings. Lipps provides a balance between realism, abstraction and expression with layered paint applications to bring his works to life. Lipps finds inspiration in urban scenes and candid moments and frames his subject matter in a way to put the viewer into the painting. Lipps has always had an interest in painting the Human figure and has recently focused his efforts on capturing ballet dancers in motion while experimenting with technique. Lipps maintains a focus on his technical aspect as he continues to grow as an artist.