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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Tom Evert

Executive and Artistic Director Dance EvertEvert Art
Work Shore Cultural Centre Room 139A 291 E. 222nd St. County: Cuyahoga
Euclid Ohio 44123 United States
Home 71 E. 214th St. County: Cuyahoga
Euclid Ohio 44123 United States
Home Ohio United States
Home Phone: (301) 529-7684 Website: Evert Art Website: Dance Evert



Tom Evert Biography
Mr. Evert currently serves as artistic director/dancer/choreographer of DANCEVERT, which he founded in 1986. He holds BFA degrees in both painting and dance from Ohio University and is currently active as a painter and sculptor also. He was a principal dancer and toured the world with the Paul Taylor Dance Company in New York City (1977-85). He has created and performed a large body of choreographic works for which he has received 7 Fellowships for choreography and received many awards, most recently the Ohio Dance Award 2015 for his contributions to the art form of dance in Ohio. Mr. Evert has remained dedicated to the educational process for over three decades and has taught extensively in a vast range of geographic and cultural settings. As a “teaching artist” he serves on the artist rosters of Center for Art-Inspired Learning and the Ohio Art Council where he provides arts-programming, performances and professional development workshops for teachers. Evert has won numerous prizes with entries in painting and sculpture shows, has works in private collections and commissions.

Artist Statement

Tom Evert -Artist Statement

Tom Evert has been a creative force in creating and performing original choreographic works with a company of dancers, working intensively in arts-education programming and creating festival-like community events in Ohio for 36 years.

Tom currently serves as artistic director of DANCE EVERT, which he founded in 1986. He holds BFAs in both painting and dance from Ohio University and has enjoyed a world-class touring career with the Paul Taylor Dance Company in New York City. He has created a major body of choreographic work for which he has received eight Individual Excellence Awards in choreography. Tom also a sculptor, painter and scenic artist with a concentration on stylized and abstract figurative work. 

Tom’s choreographic work embraces the light  and the dark the profound and beautiful with a mission to serve a bright cooperative community. Each offering maintains a strong technical foundation with an emphasis on expressiveness beyond the dance steps to engage participants with a heart-felt response. Working within the Modern Dance tradition based of training and intensive professional experience in the movement language and techniques of Martha Graham, Alwin Nikolais and Paul Taylor. Tom Evert has offered expression in these movement traditions and as the mission of Modern Dance is to further artistic and movement invention. 

I have embraced this spirit with choreographic offerings that include bright heartfelt lyricism, dark and dramatic violence, and delightful, charming and laugh out loud fun. 

As painter and sculptor I have embraced the artistic creation of set, light,  prop and costume design which have provided strong inventive elements. 

Serving as a “teaching artist,” Tom has pioneered an instructional approach which integrates the art of dance and the core curriculum. For example, his “Geometry in Motion” program has engaged students with the joy of moving through space while embracing the principles of geometry. Tom shares the joy that comes from working with attention in a movement discipline. A sense of the whole person is engaged mentally, physically, and expressively. For Tom, this educational programming produces wonderful academic, artistic, and social-emotional results.