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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Thomas Trusty

Visual Artist
Home 7268 Achill Drive County: Ohio
Dublin Ohio 43017 United States


I’ve been making photographs since the 70’s when I studied photography and printmaking at The Ohio State University. I work almost exclusively with black and white film using a variety of cameras. I do all my own darkroom work producing silver gelatin prints on fiber-based photographic papers. Each print is processed to exacting archival standards, then mounted and matted using museum quality materials.

Over the years my work has been displayed at various museums and galleries across the United States, as well as being included in several private collections. In addition to receiving various awards and recognitions, I am also the recipient of a Ford Foundation grant.

Artist Statement

I’ve come to think of myself as an artist whose medium is photography. I’m more interested in photography’s growing relationship with contemporary art than with its modernist traditions — sharpness, tonal fidelity, etc. My work often challenges the idea of what a photograph is by way of exploring the darkroom process through intuition and experimentation with a belief that photography need not always faithfully record. It can be used to create another reality where subject matter is not tied to a specific time or place, but can take on a unique form of its own.

Because my training focused on both photography and printmaking, I’ve always approached the formal aspects of photography a little differently. As a result, my photographs don’t always look like photographs. Printmaking showed me that I could step out from behind the lens but still produce work using the photographic image as its primary source. I learned that I can have knowledge of and respect for the history and traditions of photography without necessarily being beholden to its past. I respect those traditions, but I want to find my own way.


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