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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Padma Chebrolu

Artistic Director Cultural Centre of India
Home 9462 Hopewell Rd County: Hamilton
Cincinnati Ohio 45249 United States
Home Phone: 513-227-9612 Website: Cultural Centre of India


Padma Chebrolu is an accomplished teaching and performing dance artist and is the artistic director of the Cultural Centre of India (CCI) which she founded about 30 years ago in Cincinnati. Her exemplary artistic abilities, leadership and creativity have created tremendous impact on the arts education and public appreciation for the heritage arts in Ohio’s schools and community organizations.

Chebrolu is the recipient of the 2021 Ohio Heritage Fellowship Award from Ohio Arts Council (OAC) in recognition of the lifetime dedication and significant contributions Chebrolu had on the community through the advancement and preservation of traditional arts. She is also the recipient of the 2022 and 2023 OAC’s Master Artist award for Traditional Arts Apprenticeship for preserving the cultural heritage. She has been recognized by the Honorable Mayors of Cincinnati Mr. John Cranley (2019) and Mr. Aftab Pureval (2022) for her artistic influence and contributions to the Cincinnati community. She is on the advisory board of OhioDance, OAC’s Teaching Artist Roaster since 2019, Cincinnati Arts Association’s Artist on Tour for schools in the Greater Cincinnati area since 1997 and been recognized by Cincinnati Arts Association as the 2022 Art Educator. Chebrolu serves on the OAC’s panel for grant distributions to deserving arts programs across Ohio. She is a prolific speaker with tremendous passion for advancing arts in the community. Padma loves to write poetry and sketch illustrations of Indian culture.

Chebrolu started dance at the age of three in India. She studied under several master teachers and learned various dance styles. She came to US as a graduate student to attend University of Cincinnati and has since created a vibrant artistic community for the traditional arts with audience engagement through interactive and educational performances. Chebrolu leads and enables CCI to give hundreds of performances, presentations, and workshops in the Ohio communities to promote awareness, understanding, and a better appreciation for diversity and heritage arts. Her passion and unwavering commitment to arts education brings a complete cultural experience and cross-cultural understanding to support diversity and inclusiveness initiatives in our communities.

Chebrolu is one of the most sought out arts educator, performer and speaker by the Ohio based schools, libraries, museums, parks, arts organizations, and universities. She specializes in sharing her art in a compassionate way as part of the healing arts program to the senior centers, hospitals and organizations which serve people with disabilities or have health concerns. During the Covid years, Chebrolu held monthly online performances for the world-wide audiences which became a source for mental well-being for both audiences, students, and their families.

Many of Chebrolu’s students have won prestigious awards and college scholarships: YoungArts Awards leading up to the U.S. Presidential Scholar recognition in the Arts and Overture Award from the Cincinnati Arts Association. Chebrolu produced three instructional dance DVDs to teach the traditional dances of India, available at various libraries and universities for students to learn the artform.

In 2022, OhioDance released the documentary on Chebrolu’s lifetime achievement as part of their award-winning Virtual Dance Collections to tell the narrative of Chebrolu’s artistic journey to reach the Ohio communities from rural to urban and from children to senior citizens. In 2022, PBS ThinkTV released a TV segment featuring the lifetime achievement and story about Chebrolu, highlighting her process of creating the next generation of traditional artists and uplift the mental health of both students and audiences.

Ms. Donna Collins, Executive Director of OAC made the following statement about Chebrolu as part of the 2021 Ohio Heritage Fellowship Award statement “Padma is an exceptional artist, arts educator, and community leader whose life’s work has been astounding and inspiring. As an internationally renowned leader in her field, Padma has had a tremendous impact on communities across the globe. Her artistry showcases the beautiful tradition of Indian dance, and her dedication as an educator ensures that new generations have the opportunity to learn from a true master of the art form.”

Ms. Jane D’Angelo, Executive Director of OhioDance made the following statement about Chebrolu as part of the ThinkTV PBS show, “Padma as an educator and an artist of classical Indian dances has transmitted her culture through the community. She loves what she treasures the artform. Padma is one of those exemplary artists and I think something different about her is that she really goes into the community goes to college dance programs and schools.”

Chebrolu has made significant contributions through leadership and creativity to advance arts education in Ohio’s schools and communities. Her efforts to strengthen the arts education to increase public awareness about the role of the arts in the community is remarkable. She is transforming Ohio communities to bring meaningful arts experiences each day to prove the arts have the power to strengthen communities.