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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Marsha Pippenger

Home 411 Water Street Suite 124 County: Montgomery
Dayton OH 45402 United States
Home Phone: 9374696065 Birthday: September 21, 1957 Website:


Marsha has been making art for the Dayton community and beyond for more than 30 years. She believes in the power of visual art: in her case, creating colorful, textural collages addressing issues like immigration, climate change, the power of light, and the necessity of visual beauty.


She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ohio Northern University and a Master of Humanities from Wright State University. Through Central State University, she completed independent coursework with local artist and educator Bing Davis. She currently teaches art and art history at Kettering College.

As a Kennedy Center trained artist, Marsha conducts workshops in arts integration for teachers.

Marsha has worked in graphic arts, taught art in the Dayton Public Schools, and served on the boards of local arts organizations. Her collages are in the collections of Dayton Metro Libraries, Children’s Hospital Dayton, and other public and private collections.


More information on Marsha Pippenger’s art can be found at ,

Artist Statement

I love color. I love texture. And I especially love to draw with paper. I like to cut it, tear it, mold it into other shapes, push it around the canvas,and build it into images, I am an artist/maker and I make things with paper. 

Working in papier colle suits me. Encompassing painting, drawing, sculpture and assemblage, papier colle allows me to explore new combinations of materials to create a unified whole.

I also make art to honor human history, to encourage reflection, and to engage the viewer in conversation.  As a working artist I am inspired and taught by the art of those who came before me and feel privileged to be part of that heritage.