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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition


Fine art painter and printer
Home 1117 Belmar dr 1117 Belmar dr County: Richland
Mansfield OHIO 44907 United States
Home Phone: 4195442383


Artist biography, Mark l. Calloway b 1957 –

My father drew a very detail portrait of me when I was about 4 years old, I wanted to do the same.
My mother and I would color coloring books and work puzzles, soon I was adding shadows and mixing colors. When she would get a new pair of stockings there would be a white panel of paper that I would use for drawing. I was quick to notice when she had a run in her stockings. 
Once in school my talents were noticed early, I was given every opportunity to use them.
Mansfield city schools and the Mansfield Art Center (Mansfield Art Guild)
offered a contest twice a year. The winners would receive a scholarship for art classes, taught by art professionals. Fortunately, I received one every time. This went on from 3rd grade to 6th grade. 1965 – 68
By the time I got to high school my head was pretty big, that’s when I meet Frank Daniels my10th grade art instructor. My bubble burst when I failed my 1st semester in his class.
He was surprised to see me back for more the next semester. This is when I began to learn. I could not have become an artist without Franks mentor ship. He opened the artistic world and all its possibility to a poor, skinny, giant Afro wearing black hippy kid.
Not only in his classroom but again the Mansfield Art Center, Columbus OH museum of Art, and Cleveland OH Museum of ART field trips and Ohio state Governor shows.
I was offered a working scholarship to Cleveland Art Institute but was not able to take advantage of it. 1975 I continued to go to galleries and museums exhibits and studying art books of the master’s and art history. One of my favorite books is “Vision and art, The biology of seeing” another is “The art and Science of Portraiture.”
Becoming a single parent to my son Marcus in1982 there wasn’t time or desire to paint. Marcus was 10 when I got married to my wife, Lisa encouraged me and gave me time to start painting again. She would bring home photos of people and their family from her job for me draw or paint.
That’s when I decided to get involved in the arts again start being among people with the same interest. First joining the Mansfield Art Center taking a class with Matthew Godsil one of the best painters I know an art instructor for Madison senior high schools.
Soon instructing drawing classes myself. My first soul exhibit was at the Art Cellar gallery exhibit curator and owner Mrs. Mary Lue Henne. Where I took classes with Karen Patton on portrait painting, after the course I and others were so pumped we started meeting at the Art Cellar to continue painting portraits which soon became Mid-Ohio Portrait Artists Inc in 2006 the group still meets 1st Monday of each month.
We took bus tours to several museums about the state, including the Butler Museum of American Art in Youngstown Oh. One of my favorite Museums.
Richland Academy of Art and Science, another soul art exhibit, displayed over 40 paintings, also hired to instruct drawing classes that same year. Richland Academy of Art and Science yr taught drawing 3yrs, where I meet Artist Mrs. Barbra Butler the curator for the academy in her 80tys at the time. I would help hang art for exhibits. She taught me through critique, conversation. I begin to see and look for the science and abstract theory in the artworks we hung. It was a pleasure when she looked at one my painting exhibited at the Art Center and said, “Now that’s painting, you build that one”! After that my works were accepted in more exhibits. People begin to ask where I studied art? Which is still excepted as a compliment.
I appreciate those who have been blessed to have education in arts sharing both skills and knowledge. Entering judged exhibits. Remembering lessons from Frank Daniells “If you can’t take criticism, you will never learn”. And “Your tools include another person’s eyes and mind.”
Receiving Art Guild Scholarships from 3rd to 6th grade 1965 – 68
Appleseed jr high newspaper artist and yearbook cover design 1972
Meeting Frank Daniells Malabar sr high art instructor and mentor 1972-
Receiving Governors award for a black, white photo 1973 Mansfield Art Center
Special recognition award from Mansfield Symphony Society Inc. for visual interpretation of an opera 1974 and 1975
Certificate of honor for outstanding work in Advanced Art Studio 1974 – 1975
Malabar Sr. High yearbook design 1975
Mansfield Richland County Library Black History exhibits 1998 – 2016.
1st soul art exhibit at The Art Cellar Gallery meeting Mary Lou Henne who introduced me to
Mansfield Art Community. And Mansfield News Journal News Paper 1998
Note the Mansfield News Journal has followed and promoted me though my whole art life and has made me known throughout central Ohio as an artist.
Portraits by Karen Patton fine art course 1999
Soul art exhibit at Richland Academy of Arts and Science 1999
Hired as drawing instructor 2000 – 2003 meeting Barbra Butler and Marianne Cooper
Formation of Portrait Artists of Mid-Ohio Established February 2002
Received Edward Frey Award for best of show Mansfield Art Center 2004
Elected to Mansfield Art Center Broad 2004 – 2006 Meeting Mary Black and Tim Gorka
Soul exhibit at Mansfield Art Center 2006
Mansfield City Schools and Mansfield Art Center taught art at Mansfield Elective Academy to pre-school through 8th grade 2006 – 2007.
to help increase attention span that would filter into other courses.
Honorable Mention in Annual May Show digital print Titled Candy Cane Dancers at Mansfield Art Center 2007
Teamed with Walter Constant, Cheryl Blair, Ralph Nixon Jr. and Jill Lamantia to open Constant Creations Art Gallery. 52 Park Av. West Mansfield Ohio 2007
North Central State Tech curator for student lounge 2008 – 2010
National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center Black heritage through visual rhythms
juried art exhibit achievement award 2015 and again in 2017
Eighth National Midyear juried exhibit 2 paintings excepted at The Butler Institute of American Art. 2016
30 x 80 feet mural painted on B&O bike trail sponsored by Richland County Foundation and Mankind Murals Inc. with Luke Beckman general mgr. Also, North Lake Park committee
77th annual May Show honorable mention for charcoal portrait titled Millennium Male 2022
Currently have 40 to 50 pieces of art framed and ready to exhibit, from abstract designs to realistic portraits, black cultural paintings. Sizes from 6ft by 7ft to 11 in by 14 in. Oils, charcoals,
and digital original prints.


Artist Statement

Art to has a responsibility to edify society to build on the historical goods, that becomes the contemporary goods of today.

My mission is to improve my world with the gifts God has blessed me with. The power of both natural and spiritual sight. Color and subject matter that tells stories that touch both the spiritual and natural senses of the viewer in a positive way.

To do this I feel it necessary to use all the disciplines of the pass, meaning you may see impressionistic to contemporary optical line and emotional brush work and color to build the story, to impact the whole person.  I want them to see the work beyond the surface though it may be abstract or a realistic work I want to draw you out of the crowd and hold you there until you see me. I’m an entertainer!


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