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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Laura Donnelly

Home County: Carroll
Malvern Ohio 44644 United States
Home Ohio United States


Laura Donnelly is currently creating in her private studio and is a resident artist at Market Street Art Spot in Minerva.  She received her Master of Arts in Education Degree at Walsh University and her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Kent State University. She has taught art in area public and private schools for over 35 years and as an adjunct professor at Malone and Walsh University. Her work has won a variety of awards in the area and has won state recognition from a national contest. Most of her current work, created from stoneware clay, consists of functional ware with some sculptural pieces that reflect a personal theme.

Artist Statement

I have lived as an artist my entire life. Throughout my life I have not limited myself to any one medium to create, but have used what is at hand. I believe an artist can use clay, paint, sand, dirt, oatmeal, water, laughter, crawly things, thoughts, whatever excites or brings about significance in their life to express themselves in art.  At any point in time, inspiration can come from something as simple as a smell, a color, a word, or common daily routine. 

Most of my current work is made of stoneware clay and is functional. I believe there is a unique feel and respectful spirit from something handmade. Some of my current work has been inspired from my background as a daughter of a quilter and from my ‘rite of passage’ into retirement. Both my stoneware pieces and watercolors are a reflection of this. I am always looking favorably into the future with questions of  “What’s next?” and  “Where will I go from here?”.


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