Laura Donnelly

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‘Precision / Indecision’

‘Precision / Indecision’
Mixed colored underglazes on bisque earthenware tiles. Clear glazed, fired at cone 02. Mounted and framed 40” X 58”
Stark County Artist’s Exhibit 2019
Massillon Museum

William, Alice, and Morris

William, Alice, and Morris Earthenware tile with UG pencil and UG color. Fired cone 04. Mounted 24 X 36, NFS

Chasing Shadows

‘Chasing Shadows’
8 x 9 hand made stoneware tiles using iron oxide and terra sigilata with stain colorants. Sgraffito technique.
Fired to cone 6.
Tiles are ‘floated’ to show
my fascination with the movement expressed in my mother’s piece quilting.
Mounted and framed 32” X 35”.NFS