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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Joyce Morrow Jones

Mixed Media Fiber Artist
Home 1159 South Belvoir Blvd County: Cuyahoga
South Euclid Ohio 44121 United States
Home Phone: 2167028898 Website:


A native Clevelander, I graduated from the College of Wooster with a double major in Religion and Sociology with a minor in Black and African Studies.  In retrospect, my passion for integrating culture, history, and traditions into my art began in college.  After college, I worked with non-profit organizations in project development, fundraising, and marketing.

With my first exhibition in 2016, I still consider myself an emerging self-taught artist.  My artistic progression began with sewing, arts and crafts, and then storytelling.  Combining storytelling with crafts allowed me to consider my work within folk art traditions.  Since then, my work effort has been prolific as I passionately teach myself new skills and techniques.

I began as a Teaching Artist in 2021, working in after-school programs and the Cleveland Museum of Art; however, I’ve conducted arts & crafts workshops since 1991 in libraries, schools, and community centers.

Artist Statement

As a storyteller and mixed media fiber artist, I feature sculptural forms as each creation emerges to tell a story.  Weaving the art of story is integral to my art practice, envisioning what images, symbolism, and materials would be needed to bring that story into manifestation visually.  Each sculptural creation allows the viewer to perceive visual depth and perspective to messages and symbolic significance.  Throughout the creation phase, I am intentional regarding audience engagement, asking myself, “What impact would this story have upon a viewer?” The actual artwork becomes the inspiration for the story to unfold.

My work focuses on culture, tradition, and spirituality influenced by African and diasporic themes.  I consider how each piece channels the realm of spirit while being appreciated as an art form, knowing that what may appear to be an object in the mundane may hold timeless spiritual essence. 

My motivation is to present engaging artwork that integrates literature and art as a pedagogical process to understand how cultural traditions are influenced by what humans believe about and experience in life.


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