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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition


Master Fine Arts
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I was born in Billings, Montana and lived my first five years in Casper, Wyoming—my father was a ground-water geologist working in the oil fields of that region, following graduating from the Colorado School of Mines in Golden.  In 1951 he began his first overseas tour with ARAMCO in Saudi Arabia, which started us living all around the world on his various projects.  I studied for a year at the Southern Arizona School for Boys in Tucson, back when it was still a small city: studied at an art program in Aspen, when it was still a small town; lived in Roswell, NM for a time; after Cal-Arts I made the working equipment at the Royal Drift Gold Mine for two years outside Paradise, CA.  As a youth I continued the tradition of traveling the world, studying at the Art Academy in Stuttgart, then working for New York sculptor Chuck Ginnever, which led me to get my MFA in 1972 from California Institute of the Arts in Valencia.  I learned stone and bronze working on an IIE fellowship in Carrara, Italy, 1982-3. Since then I have been creating public sculpture throughout the States and in 27 other countries: including 24 throughout China alone.   There are about two dozen large-scale public sculptures installed throughout Ohio.

Artist Statement

Jon Barlow Hudson has been creating large-scale sculpture projects for public & other environments since 1976, the first % for Art commission in 1979 with Metro/Dade, for Homestead Public Library.  Since then he has created many dozens of projects throughout the States & in 27 countries : 23 in China alone. 

                                    Hudson works on any scale, in a wide variety of materials, in various motifs & types of installation.  Many of his sculptures are made with  stainless steel, such as the 12 ft. dia. mirror polished FIRE IN THE HOLE!, installed in the Omaha Civic Center; the 100 ft. high PARADIGM for World Expo 1988 in Brisbane, Australia; or painted steel such as WIND DRAGON for the 2008 Beijing Olympics; or stone, such as the 18 ft. long FENESTRAE AETERNITATIS for White Rock Hills Library in Dallas, TX.

                                    Hudson’s sculpture projects tend to be abstract, often geometric.  Certain projects might have more literal or figurative aspects.  The stone sculptures tend to be a balance of natural aspects with human interventions.  Hudson’s sculpture may be seen as iconic or symbolic, often referencing a center, whether actual or spatial.   The sculptures often work with balance; space in contrast with form; implied space; ambiguity if incorporating mirror surfaces; a continuum or movement & flow such as a vortex.  He thoroughly researches a given project & creates a sculpture that speaks to the pertinent characteristics of the situation, whether cultural, thematic, architectural or environmental.

                                    In all of Hudson’s public sculpture projects there are a variety of collaborative situations, whether with the client, the local community,  fabricators, engineers, other creative disciplines, installers, etc.  In order to succeed in such a project one must have some facility with the collaborative process & some appreciation of it all, which he does.



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