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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Janet Century

Janet Century Photography
Home 2026 Murray Hill Rd Suite 205 2026 Murray Hill Rd County: Ohio
cleveland Ohio 44106 United States
Home Phone: 2162254469 Website:


Janet Century has been a successful editorial, documentary; portrait, corporate and fine art photographer who, for more than 40 years, has helped clients tell their stories. Her driving motivation is to communicate through images about humanity and social situations, combining her interest in sociology and photography. The work demonstrates her ability to interact with people and recognize poignant moments that speak volumes. She received a BA from Beloit College in Wisconsin, with further studies in commercial photography at the Cooper School of Art in Cleveland Ohio. Ms. Century has shown her photographs in multiple exhibitions and won numerous awards, including various reFocus Awards, International Color Awards, Black and White Spider Awards, and the Women in Photography International “Beauty” competition.  


Born in Newark New Jersey, she has been a long-term resident in Cleveland, Ohio. Assignments have taken her to distant parts of world, including Vietnam, Germany, and other parts of Europe. Clients include for-profit and non-profit organizations, universities, law firms, hospitals, the Cleveland Museum of Art, Neighborhood Development Corporations, McKinsey and Co., the Urban League, and the US Dept. of Labor. Her photos have been published in various news publications and magazines such as the Akron Beacon Journal Magazine, the Cleveland Plain Dealer magazine, Crain’s Cleveland Business, Ladies Home Journal, Scene Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and the NY Times.

Artist Statement

the world has been my pallet. Everywhere I look I see a composition. Working with the design in whatever place in the world I am, on assignment or a personal mission, I find myself on instinct drive.  Working with the environment and the people in it I create a photo configuring lines into diagonals, curves, circles. I have sought to master the diagonal which helps to enter the photo and experience the multi layered aspect of the elements in the photo and experience how they blend.


The work is often about the people who will then inhabit my photograph. They don’t know I have pegged them to be eternal in my photo world. It is not usually possible to share with my subjects the success of the final photo as it might be years or decades when the photo emerges into the world and receives recognition, but they participate willingly or without any cognition of their participation. They gift me their presence and engagement.


I look for an emotional moment with great attention to body language, gestures, and people’s relationship to their interactions with each other and the environment. None of this can work together to create a powerful photo without attention to the light. The quality of light and or B&W tones or color is everything, tying together all the other elements, acting like the glue that keeps many separate parts together.


The core of this work is happy with an emotional twist. I look for the peak moments mostly characterized by eye contact and body language which must work together. Somehow there must be an entrance door for the viewer to engage with and go into the photo so that it can become part of their experience even if the narrative of a single image leaves lots of questions.  The photos are selected for their unique character to tell a strong narrative as a single image. What they have in common is a power to elicit a response from the viewer who might then be able to transcend the differentness…the unknown or foreign elements. The challenge is to capture what lies beneath the surface while photographing only the surface. Values, form, light, and composition all define the moment. I am moved to capture the connection that binds all of us together on this planet and points out our myriad of similarities