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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

J Inky Lorain Cantrell

Home 28471 Hilliard Blvd. County: Cuyahoga
Westlake Ohio 44145 United States
Website: J Inky Lorain Portfolio


J Inky Lorain Cantrell has a Masters Degree in Education, Bachelors Degree in Art and Education, Associate Degree in Commercial Art, Art Educator Cleveland, OH and Greensboro, NC, Art Classes at Westlake Porter Public Library, OH. Born in Cleveland, OH.

Exhibition Record:

7 UP, E11even 2 Gallery, Cleveland, OH 2023, Viewpoint 54, Eisele Gallery, Cincinnati, OH October 2022, Community of Fine Arts Show, Honorable Mention, Westlake Westshore Arts Council, Westlake, OH 2022, Where are we Surrealism, Valley Arts Center, Chagrin Falls, OH, 2022, Size Matters, Stella’s Art Gallery, Willoughby, OH, 2022, 77th Annual May Show, Mansfield Art Center, Mansfield, OH, 2022, 1st Place Mixed Media, In Honor of Women, Stella’s Art Gallery, Willoughby, OH 2022  –  Positive Creativity, Creative Space, Avon, OH, 2021 –  Honorable Mention Mixed Media, 19th Community of Fine Arts Show, The Westlake Westshore Arts Council, Westlake, OH 2019   –  2nd Place Oil/Acrylic, 18th Annual Community of Fine Arts Show, The Westlake Westshore Arts Council, Westlake, OH, 2017  –  2nd Place, Oil/Acrylic, 17th Annual Community of Fine Arts Show, The Westlake Westshore Arts Council, Westlake, OH 2016  –   Brush Strokes, BreakNeck Art Gallery, Lakewood, Ohio 2013  –  Juried Invitational Art Show, Westlake Westshore Arts Council, Winners Circle, , Westlake, OH, 2013  –  First Friday Series, Silverthorne Gallery, Rocky River, OH, 2007  –  Peoples Art Show, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH 2006  –  Pop-O-Matic, The Pop Shop, Lakewood, OH 2006. –   Local Girl Gallery, Lakewood, OH, 2006   –  Parma City Hall Exhibition, Parma, OH, 2005 –  52 Weeks 52 Works, Academy Graphic Communications, Inc.,  Brookpark, OH, 2005 –   Art on the Farm, Spring Mist Farms, Brunswick OH 2005   – Lighting the Night, Vivid Art Gallery,Cleveland, OH 2004   –  Solo Exhibition Inky’s World, Vivid Art Gallery, , Cleveland, OH 2004   –  Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame, Guitar Mania, Cleveland, OH 2004  –  Dress for Success, Martini Madness, Cleveland, OH  2004  –  Cube Squared,Vivid Gallery, Cleveland, OH 2004 –  Cleveland’s on Fire, Sparx in the City, Cleveland, OH 2003 –  Eclecticism,The Art Gallery,  Willoughby, OH 2003. –   Art in the Park, Kent, OH 2003 –  Teaching Perspectives, Art on Wheels Gallery, Cleveland, OH 2003. –  From Dusk to Dawn, Berea Fine Arts Club, , Berea, OH, 2003 –  Mayfest, Berea Fine Arts Club, Berea, OH 2003 –  Featured Artist, The Shoppe in Berea,  Berea, OH, 2003  –  Brubrakers, Berea, OH, 2003 –   After Hours II, Greensboro, NC 2002  –  Summer Salon, Greensboro, NC 2001 –  All Members Juried Exhibition, Greensboro Artist League, Greensboro, NC 2001 –   Art Wrap, Greensboro, NC 2000 Senior Art Show, Baldwin Wallace Art Gallery, Berea, OH 2000 –  Annual Floral Show, Baycrafter’s Art Gallery,  Bay Village, OH 1993  –  People’s Art Show, C.S.U. Art Gallery, Cleveland, OH 1993 –  It’s Raining Cats, Baycrafter’s Art Gallery, Bay Village, OH 1992

Artist Statement

I am a native Clevelander of Hungarian and Italian ancestry. My artistic journey began when I was in elementary school. My father would take me to The Supplemental Education Center in Cleveland for art classes on Saturdays. As I got older I liked the art of Peter Max and later Henry Rousseau. My commercial art training influenced my style that evolved into surrealism.

When I began to seriously pursue being an artist I felt my art might be accepted better if the viewer did not know the gender of the artist. I had old wounds from childhood when I felt I did not belong and did not fit in. I picked a new identity based on the name of my first pet, inky the cat, and the street I grew up on which was west 119th., connected to Lorain Avenue. This new name, Inky Lorain gave me a mask to hide behind, letting inspiration be my guide and not put restraints on my art. 

Life is a canvas, paint it your way. Our lives is the  canvas on which we paint actions, thoughts, and experiences. When creating a painting it has a specific meaning to me as  related to my own experiences in society, yet the painting takes on a life of its own through the evolution of the creative process. An overwhelming moment in time becomes a painting about leaves whirling around. Just as the leaves cannot control the force of nature that drives them into a whirlwind, people sometimes  find themselves in situations they cannot control.  My art is a visual biography.