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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Gina Wolfrum

Home 7601 State Route 249 County: Defiance
Hicksville OH 43526 United States
Cell Phone: 419-769-8856 Website: Gina Wolfrum, Art Studio


Gina Wolfrum is an award winning, mixed-media artist who returned to her artistic roots after leaving the corporate world and relocating to a farm in rural Ohio.  She instinctively transitioned back to the fine arts training she had received in her youth when an interior designer pulled her into the world of decorative art and murals.  

Wolfrum studied in studios around the country to develop her use of color, texture and natural elements in exquisite homes and businesses, both locally and throughout the US for a number of years.  Her decorative art has been featured in books, trade journals, television and various websites. 

Client commissions provided a welcome change of pace and an impetus to develop her style and approach. The construction of an art studio on the farm helped to further develop and support Gina’s artistic growth in earnest.  She welcomes visitors by appointment and occasionally celebrates the completion of a large piece before traveling to its new home with a send-off party.

The 2020 lockdown caused exhibits to be cancelled, however, she continued to exhibit in online juried shows as well as having pieces at the Hayley Gallery, Expressions Gallery, and several gift shops.  She received a ‘Best of Show’ from the Findlay Art League’s Fall show and continues to connect with collectors via her website.   Most notably, her entry Amethyst Awakening received the People’s Choice award at the Cox Fine Art Center in Columbus, Ohio.  In April-May of 2021 she was awarded a solo show at the Hayley Gallery and later a solo show at the Gateway Gallery at John Glen International airport. Her works using natural elements, crystals, and glass have received numerous  awards and continue to gain popularity in exhibits and galleries.  

Gina lives with her husband and a very large dog in Northwest Ohio on a quiet farm surrounded by flower beds and bird feeders.



Artist Statement

About my work: I am intensely inspired by nature, most of my paintings are some form of landscape or natural element. I incorporate unexpected elements like minerals, crystals, and glass into my paintings. I encountered the greatest breakthrough in creativity when I began using these textural elements in my paintings. The juxtaposition of paint and stony textures provides for endless creative energy. Amethyst, rose quartz, tourmaline, and mica are a few of my favorites. Art is a natural complement to healing and mental health. My use of natural elements, such as amethyst crystals, further enhance the viewer’s healing experience. Affixed both tenaciously and artistically, many feel the combination of natural elements in a peaceful setting have a beneficial effect upon the observer. Thoughtful reflection, meditation or quiet consideration of landscapes enhanced by unexpected elements make these mixed-media paintings, although avant-garde, popular and intriguing. All of my landscapes have an element of water. As you view the sparkling shorelines (or even a wet creek bank), imagine the wet pebbles under your toes and each crystal a treasure luring you to wade further into the water – symbolizing deeper inner reflection. Consider the vastness of water on this Earth, the origin of life itself, the calmness and soothing qualities that evoke healing, therapeutic and curative calm, and the strength harnessed through water. As a decorative artist and muralist for the past 20+ years, my style has developed along with my ability to manipulate color and textures for aesthetic appeal. My style walks the line between realism and impressionism. My work resonates a refined passion for beauty in design, resulting in art that is timeless in spirit, luxurious in appeal; a feast for the eyes and soul.


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