Mixed Media – Gemstone Collection

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Among the Trees

This was inspired by my walks through our countryside with my dog Bella (a Great Pyrenees) on our farm in northwest Ohio. I wanted to capture the calm of the woodlands and the serenity of our creek as it turns and tumbles over mossy rocks and sparkling stones. The semi-precious stones I incorporated are Peridot, Lapis, Bloodstone, quartz, mother of pearl, Dragonsblood, Tiger Eye, glass and mica. A textural delight that draws you in as it sparkles and shimmers at every angle. Wired and ready to hang in a floating frame of antique gold. 30″ wide by 40″ high. $3,400


Eternity is an acrylic on 27×33 wood panel, framed in a black floater frame. The foreground is accented with black obsidian, blue agate, lapis, carnelian, abalone, citrine, crushed glass and mica. I place the stones individually to create the greatest effect according to color, shape and size. $1,800

Pacific Peace

Pacific Peace – is a sunrise simply because I’m a morning beach walker. This is 24×48 on wood panel, framed in “gunmetal metalic’. The shoreline is loaded with several amethyst geodes, amethyst points, and amethyst chips along with tourmaline, obsidian, carborundum, pink opal, mother of pearl, lepidoliter, mica, and glass that accent the rocky breakers and beachfront. The sky is reflected in the water that sparkles and shimmers – changing as you view it from different angles. Just as in life, things look different when you view things from a different perspective. $3,400


Moonglow is an acrylic on 36×24 wood panel that is accented with smokey quartz, dragons blood, blue agate, peridot, lapis lazuli, tourmaline, abalone, green aventurine, bloodstone, citrine, mica and glass.  I created Moonglow with the intention of capturing the beauty of the woods and creek on our farm during a full moon.  It has an ethereal glow to it and changes depending upon natural daylight or ambient lighting. $2,000

Whittier Shores

Whittier Shores was inspired by a trip to Alaska in the summer of 2019. This is a mixed-media acrylic painting on a 24×48 stretched canvas mounted in a floater frame and ready to hang. Blue agate brings this painting to life, as do the obsidian, dragonsblood, abalone, glass, lapis, and mica I incorporated. This painting sparkles at various angles and gives viewers a sense of serenity and calm. $3,000

Misty Morning

Misty Morning is a quiet morning on a peaceful beach with the sea mist evaporating as the sun rises. Subtle texture and sparkle in the foreground add to the interest for the viewer to discover their perception of realities. This 30×40 mixed-media acrylic painting on stretched canvas is priced with the black floater frame and is ready to hang. $3,400

Enchanted Woodland

Filtered light illuminates this wooded creek bed. Abalone, Bloodstone, Tourmaline, and several Lithium crystals highlight the shoreline while crushed glass and mica flakes glisten in the water highlighted by resin. 48×48″ Sold

Calm Waters

Calm Waters and the reflections that result give a sense of inner peace. Lapidary accents of Pink Opal, Aquamarine (rough), black Obsidian, Bloodstone, Mica chunks, flakes and powder as well as crushed glass add to the intensity of this painting. 24×36 acrylic on canvas $2,000

A Morning Walk

This mixed media acrylic painting captures the breaking rocks along the shoreline in the Dominican Republic. Abalone, tourmaline, mother of pearl, smoky quartz, and mica are used in the shoreline to give depth and interest. If you’ve ever been to the Dominican, you recognize the rocky shores. This framed horizontal painting is 12×24 and is ready to hang. $950


Out on the bay during a misty morning sunrise, you breath in the air and take in the sound of the water lapping onto the shoreline. It’s a feeling – the serenity and quiet you feel when you are at peace with yourself, your mind, and your thoughts. Lapidary accents: Tourmaline, Bloodstone, Prehnite, Mother of Pearl, crushed glass and Mica.

This original acrylic is painted on a 36″x36″, gallery wrapped, stretched canvas and is framed and wired for hanging. $2,800