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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Gina Wolfrum

Home 7601 State Route 249 County: Defiance
Hicksville OH 43526 United States
Cell Phone: 419-769-8856 Website: Gina Wolfrum, Art Studio


Gina Wolfrum, an award-winning artist, seamlessly transitioned from the corporate world back to her artistic roots upon relocating to a farm in rural Ohio. With a background in fine arts, she honed her skills in color, texture, and natural elements through extensive studio studies across the country. Initially drawn into decorative art and murals, private commissions propelled her towards a focus on mixed-media fine art.

Inspired by nature, Gina’s paintings predominantly feature landscapes and nature settings, enhanced by the incorporation of gemstones, glass, and mica. Her artistic endeavors have garnered acclaim, including Best of Show, People’s Choice, and honorable mention recognitions. Displayed in galleries throughout the Great Lakes Region, her popularity continues to grow, evident in numerous solo shows.

In her artist statement, Gina expresses her deep reverence for the natural world, exploring inner appreciation through outer reflection. Working primarily with acrylics, her mixed-media pieces showcase semi-precious gemstones, blurring the line between realism and impressionism. With a refined passion for beauty in design, her art is described as timeless, luxurious, and a sensory feast.

Gemstones hold a significant role in her works, with each chosen for its unique characteristics and healing properties. The interplay of gemstones, mica, and glass adds dimension and sparkle, creating a dynamic visual experience that evolves with the viewer’s perspective. The textures invite contemplation, encouraging observers to question their own sense of reality, mirroring the transformative nature of changing perspectives in life. Currently residing on a quiet farm in Northwest Ohio, Gina Wolfrum continues to captivate collectors and gallery patrons with her evocative and immersive artistic creations

Artist Statement

Regarding my work: I draw immense inspiration from nature, with the majority of my paintings depicting landscapes or natural elements. What sets my art apart is the incorporation of unexpected materials such as minerals, crystals, and glass. This fusion sparked a significant breakthrough in my creative process. The interplay between paint and textured elements like stone ignites boundless creative energy within me. Among my favored materials are amethyst, rose quartz, tourmaline, and mica.

Art, to me, is inherently linked to healing and mental well-being. By integrating natural elements like amethyst crystals into my pieces, I aim to enhance the viewer’s healing journey. Many attest that the amalgamation of these elements in a serene setting has a profoundly positive impact on observers. The deliberate combination of contemplative landscapes with unexpected textures renders my mixed-media paintings, though avant-garde, both popular and captivating.

Water features prominently in all my landscapes. As you gaze upon the glistening shorelines or a damp creek bank, imagine the cool pebbles beneath your feet and each crystal beckoning you to venture further into the depths—a metaphor for inner reflection. Consider the vastness of water on our planet, the source of life itself, and its tranquil, therapeutic qualities that promote healing and serenity.

Having worked as a decorative artist and muralist for over two decades, my style has evolved alongside my mastery of color and texture manipulation for aesthetic appeal. My artistic approach straddles the line between realism and impressionism, resonating with a refined passion for beauty in design. The resulting art is timeless in essence, luxurious in allure—a visual and spiritual delight.


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