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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

David Rankin

David Rankin Watercolors
Home 2320 Allison Road County: Cuyahoga
Cleveland Ohio 44118 United States
Home Ohio United States


David’s award-winning style is best noted for its imaginative sense of design, a bold and distinctive use of color, and a masterful handling of watercolor. A signature of his work is that he carefully builds a believable illusion of spatial depth in his watercolors, whatever the subject.

His watercolors are in public and private art collections in the US and Asia, have been featured in more than 150 museum exhibitions, are included in the North Light’s series, Splash: The Best of Watercolor, and Strokes of Genius: The Best of Drawing, and in numerous art magazines. He promotes conservation and appreciation of the natural world through his paintings and  is a distinguished signature member of the Society of Animal Artists and serves on their Board, the Ohio Watercolor Society, and Artists for Conservation.

David is one of the true modern-day masters of transparent watercolor, exuding a dynamic passion for the medium in his lectures, demonstrations, and workshop instruction. 

David is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art and lives in University Heights with his wife, Deanna. He is the author or illustrator of the following books, Light of Yoga Society Beginner’s Manual (Simon & Schuster), Easy Does It Yoga for Older Adults (Harper & Row), A Guide to the Cranes of India (Bombay Natural History Society), Fast Sketching (North Light Books), and Beaks & More (DDR Publishing).

Artist Statement

My art reflects my profound passion for both watercolor and nature—I feel a connection with the subjects I paint and hope that comes through in my work. Nature is my prime instructor with my lifelong yoga practice as the additional support needed to access inspiration. Nature, as a subject, is too vast and intricate for any one artist. Each of us sees and paints only a tiny fragment of her expanse. As a focus in my work, She is an endless mystery.