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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Chris Young

Artist, Educator, Small Business Owner Young’s Art Center
Work Young’s Art Center 22084 Lorain Rd County: Cuyahoga
Cleveland Ohio 44126 United States
Cell Phone: 216 370 2414 Website: Young’s Art Center


Young’s Art Center

YAC is a family friendly art, education and event center that is looking for local artists with vision and ingenuity to fill our walls with inspiring works, community to fill our programs with eager participants ready to learn, grow and explore and other businesses and organizations to partner with to ensure these experiences are realized.

YAC is booking group and solo shows for local artists. Submit your prospectus now and secure dates for 2023 and 2024. Share your process, goals, and inspiration for the body of work you wish to submit. Share a few photos of your style of work, include works that are ready, in process, sketches and/or ideas that are pertinent to the vision of the show you would like to present. Any visual art will be considered. With a special interest in immersion, multi-media, installation, augmented reality and interactive works. YAC is also looking for artists that would engage the community with some puppetry or small or no stage performances. There is no fee to submit your prospectus, ideas, or works for review. YAC is expecting to curate as many as 6 shows per year.

Registration for Fall and Winter programming is open now.  Artist and community memberships are available.  

Artist Statement

Chris Young

I am an artist, educator and small business owner. As an artist I express myself through acrylic paint, mixed media, 2D and 3D works inspired by everyday life. As an educator, my work inspires imagination and sparks ideas to help people through a creative journey of their own. My business allows me to combine the art that I love with the teacher in me.

I am a big fan of acrylics. I use pastes, gel mediums, paint and inks quite a bit. I also have a love for oil-based inks that can mimic the look of enamel. Usually there is some texture in my work either visually done with layers, finishes, illusion or actual texture with paper, sand, pastes, repurposed items, frequently both. Often, I work on found surfaces such as castoff cupboard doors, ceramic floor tiles, mirrors or whatever discarded gem comes my way. My 3-D work usually involves wire and found items and can be displayed on a tabletop or as a wall relief. 

I can only go so long without a creative outlet of some kind. It can be about anything but the reason I create is to free my emotions. It really helps to get lost in the process of making something.
I enjoy bold colors and working with complementary combinations mostly my work comes out being impressionistic or abstract with a nod toward a warn, tattered, or weathered feel.




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