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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Hollis Richardson

Artist Art by Hollis Richardson
Home 16633 FALMOUTH DR County: Cuyahoga
Strongsville OH 44136 United States
Home Phone: 4407831570 Birthday: November 25, 1933 Website: Art by Hollis Richardson


Hollis Richardson has been painting, drawing and sculpting for over seventy years.  His interest in art began in early childhood, when he discovered a love for drawing. After high school, he entered the Army during the Korean War and upon discharge from the service, he earned a BA in art and an MA in education from Southeastern State University, Durant, Oklahoma. He taught on the Navajo Reservation, in Europe with the military dependent schools, in northern California and central Idaho. In Europe he was inspired by the art he saw in great museums.  After years of teaching, he worked as a mental health worker in Fresno, California and Denver, Colorado. He painted consistently throughout his adult life. His influences include his  varied life experiences and master artists, particularly the post impressionists and African art.  After years of teaching and mental health work he began working on his art full time in 1992. A native of Oklahoma, Hollis lives and works in Strongsville, OH. Having progressed from realism and impressionism to stylized art, his focus is on the elements of design, exploring line, positive and negative shapes, color, texture and pattern within a composition. His distinctive style results from a spontaneous process that flows from his subconscious. His artworks are unrestrained expressions of a soul that is deeply empathetic of people and is often tinged with a touch of whimsy and humor. His artwork is acquired by discerning art collectors  nationwide. See more of his work, his biography and a list of selected shows and awards on his website, Address:  16633 Falmouth Dr., Strongsville, OH 44136 Phone:  440-783-1570 Email:

Artist Statement

I enjoy creating harmony and tension with color and strong elements of design. Oil paints and prismacolor pencil are ideal mediums. The tactile experience of 3 dimensional work in clay or stone is also a pleasurable experience. When I draw or paint, I think mostly about design and how the whole picture balances. I start with a general idea about color and shapes. The rest comes spontaneously as I work out the design. Subject matter comes from my subconscious, but the common thread of my work over the years has been people and cultural influences. Important artists influencing my work are Van Gogh, Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, Chaim Soutine and African sculpture.  My goal is to always work expressively, producing an artwork with abstract quality and doing abstract work has become a source of joy.  Each work is an effort to create yet a better composition using of the elements of design. Sometimes a touch of whimsy adds to the fun. I hope you enjoy the adventure of my art as it evolves over time.


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