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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Brandon Doup

Home 1593 Brookpark Dr County: Richland
Mansfield Ohio 44906 United States
Home Phone: 4195640573 Website:


Brandon Doup

I graduated from Ashland University in 2007 with a BS in Fine Arts. My focus was on printmaking and sculpture. I worked as a photographer in a local studio during college and through the first few years after graduation where I learned how to compose an image and communicate energy, and emotion through the still image. 

My next job would be the first in my current field of employment. I was an art director for an adult day service program for adults with developmental disabilities. Working with artists in this program completely changed the way I thought about art. I found joy in the simple act of mark-making. I tried to expose these artists to as much as possible, including fabric art, screen printing, sculpture, spray paint, and others. I’ve since tried to be a strong advocate for people with intellectual, developmental disabilities, and mental illness. My artwork will always be affected by this experience.

I started creating again 5 years ago and have been in gallery exhibits throughout Columbus, Akron, and Mansfield. Highlights would be having work in the Ohio Art Council Riffe Gallery, and being a three-time Franklinton Arts District Scrawl artist. I am currently represented by Hayley Gallery in New Albany. 

Artist Statement

My work asks the question, “Why do certain moments stay with us?” Our memories of these moments have been abstracted over time due to perspective and life experience. I explore how these memories have shaped who I have become and informed my decisions raising a family. The house shape is common in my work and reflects my feelings on the constant moving as a child. I use this template to explore the feelings of this memory deeper to fill the interior of these homes. I title the painting with dates and descriptions related to a specific memory because want the viewer to think about where they were at that time. Printmaking strongly influenced my painting style of structured, clear, intentionally planned compositions. I enjoy the process of mark-making and gather from my experience working with an outsider, non-traditional artist. I researched Pop Art, Impressionism, Dada, iconography, Egyptian, and Aztec Art 


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