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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Bonnie App

Home 4 McKinley Place County: Cuyahoga
Lakewood Ohio 44107 United States
Home Phone: 4402259995 Membership: November 30, 2023 Website: Bonnie O App Website


Where Bonnie’s art journey began…

Throughout her working life, first as a teacher, then as a commercial graphic artist, her free time was often spent creating art using a variety of mediums. Eventually she began a journey into botanical art and in 2017 became a member of the American Society of Botanical Artists. As a member, she has participated in exhibitions at several recent annual conferences. Workshops and classes by internationally recognized artists have helped sharpen her skills and expand her focus.

As a natural extension of traditional botanical art, she began to create cyanotype prints and is a supporting member of and the Ohio Art League. Cyanotype, one of the oldest forms of photography dating back to 1842, is a process that makes use of all of the skills that she has learned along the way through her work as a graphic designer, a photographer, botanical artist, and as an observer of nature. Recently, a cyanotype composition of Bonnie’s was one of twelve selected to be included in the international Anna Atkins tribute event and is featured in their 2024 calendar.

The focus of her main 2024 project is Regenerative Agriculture. The traveling exhibit showcases a series of life-size cyanotypes of vegetables and cover crop plants which were graciously provided by The Chef’s Garden in Huron, Ohio. The Chef’s Garden follows regenerative agriculture practices. In addition to the cyanotypes, there are photos comparing crops from farms that follow regenerative agriculture practices and farms that use conventional agricultural practices. In addition to other photographs of vegetables, the exhibit will make available information about regenerative agriculture. A percentage of the sale of prints will be donated to The Hunger Network.

Artist Statement

What inspires Bonnie:

As Bonnie’s interest in and research into botanical art and cyanotype art expanded, she has learned that documenting plants serves as a connection between art and science and, in fact, is firmly planted in each discipline. From detailing a plant by drawing and painting since the 16th century, to documenting an actual plant using the cyanotype method which began in the mid 19th century, the botanical art movement has helped foster a recognition of the beauty and the fragility of plant life and, more so, what constitutes a healthy environment.

Inspiration for her botanical and cyanotype work is routed in that history. The intricacies of plants and natural scenery is where her aesthetic resides. It is Bonnie’s hope that her art will connect with viewers in such a way that they, too, will become more aware of the natural environment and become inspired to do whatever they can, even in the smallest ways, to support efforts to care for the environment on which we all depend.