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Barbara Vogel



Barbara Vogel received her BFA and MFA from the Ohio State University. Her images are based in alternative photographic processes. She is a recipient of an Ohio Arts Council Excellence Award and awards from the Greater Columbus Arts Council.

In 2017 her work was exhibited in an exhibition with artists Leah Wong and Elsie Sanchez titled “Extended Relationships” at the Southern Ohio Museum. In 2019 her work was shown in a national group photographic show at the von Liebig Art Center in Naples, Florida. Also this year she had a solo show at the Zanesville Museum of Art and was in a group exhibition, “Lines and Edges” at the Mansfield Art Center with Cavanaugh, Sanchez, and Wong. In 2019 Vogel also exhibited with Cuban and Central Ohio artists in ConnectArt in Matanzas,Cuba and Columbus,Ohio. In 2019 she was also selected for the Biennial exhibition sponsored by the Ohio Arts Council shown at the Riffe Gallery in Columbus, Ohio.

Vogel is a member of Spring Street Studios in Columbus and is represented by Sherrie Gallerie, also in Columbus.

Artist Statement

Through alternative photographic processes, I preserve the past lives of people and plant life. With my Hasselblad camera I intentionally took out of focus images of my family and friends paying little attention to the nuances of photography.

The “clickless” photographs I am working on, the large facial portraits and botanical images, are created with a hand-held wand scanner, an instrument designed to be used on books and flat materials. The ambient light and the light of the scanner create valleys of shadows and unusual luminosity on both portrait and plant scans. 

I cover my images with fused encaustic medium and/or paint to add to their other-worldly, unattainable quality.


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