Columbus Crew Stadium Sculpture

World of Flight

“World of Flight” is an awe-inspiring sculpture created by renowned artist Andrew Lundberg for the prestigious Columbus Crew Soccer Stadium, commissioned by the esteemed company NetJets. This captivating installation consists of three oversized soccer balls, each meticulously crafted using 3D printing technology and painted to resemble distressed metal.

The use of 3D printing technology in the creation of the sculpture allowed Lundberg to achieve intricate details and precise forms. The soccer balls, carefully designed and printed, exhibit a sense of texture and depth that imitates the look of weathered metal, evoking a sense of history and resilience.

Attached to each soccer ball are exquisitely designed airplanes, meticulously crafted to resemble distressed metal as well. The combination of the distressed metal appearance and the airplanes’ fine details creates a striking visual contrast, emphasizing the juxtaposition of strength and delicacy, industrial elements and graceful flight.

Positioned prominently within the Columbus Crew Soccer Stadium, the sculpture not only celebrates the passion for soccer but also pays homage to the role of NetJets in facilitating luxurious and efficient travel worldwide. The collaboration between Lundberg, NetJets, and the Columbus Crew creates a harmonious blend of art, sports, and aviation, enriching the spectator’s experience and adding a touch of grandeur to the stadium’s ambiance.

2nd floor of the Columbus Crew Stadium, Suites Level

Installation Day