Tom Baillieul


27″ X 40″ – commercial cotton, felt, lame; pieced and appliqued, and machine stitched; 2021. In the collection of Bob and Judy Mills.

We Are Caretakers

Acrylic on canvas, 30″ X 30″, 2022; $1,500.00

Part of a new series: “This Fragile Planet”. The painting and title draw from Australian Aboriginal tradition that when the Ancestral Spirits retired after the period of creation (referred to by the British as ‘The Dreamtime’), they left humans to be the caretakers of what they had made. A very different concept than the Judeo-Christian tradition of God giving people ‘dominion’ over the world and telling them to subdue it.

Which do you choose?

Dreaming of a Healthy Earth

24″ X 30″ – acrylic on canvas; 202; $1,500.00

Part of a series – “This Fragile Planet.” This is the only home we have. We ignore the damage we are doing at our own peril.

Perception vs. Reality

Acrylic on canvas, 30″ X 30″, 2022; $1,500.00

Part of a series – “This Fragile Planet.” We once thought of the earth as huge; with inexhaustible resources and an inexhaustible capacity to take our wastes. We now know this is not true. Our planet is a very tiny orb, covered by a sheen of water and gases, floating in an immense universe. There is no other planet that we can move to when we use this one up. It is time to forge a new relationship with our world.

Colonial Legacy

30″ X 40″, acrylic on canvas; 2021; $1,750.00

The boundaries between countries on the modern map of Africa,
indeed, even the names of most countries, were established by
European powers during the colonial period ~ 1500 – 1960.
Road and rail networks built by the colonial governments had
as their principal purpose the transportation of Africa’s natural
resources from the interior to the coast for shipment to Europe.
And, of course, we know that one of the greatest resources
shipped from the continent were human bodies to be sold as

Even today, rail and road connections between most African
countries are sparse at best, limiting economic growth and
cooperation. The legacy of colonialism lives on, but the future
is in the hands of the African people.


24″ X 36″, acrylic on canvas, 2022; $1,250.00

“Dumela.” A tourists’ guide to Botswana translates this traditional word of greeting as “Hello.” A more correct definition is “I believe”… “I believe in you – you are real.” As a Peace Corps volunteer in the early 1970s, I learned that it was proper to greet everyone you encountered, whether you knew them or not. And when shaking hands, receiving a gift, or even getting change for a purchase, always use two hands. In this way you show undivided attention to the other person – a show of respect. Respect for the other is foundational to all relationships.


24″ X 24″ – commercial cotton and lame, pieced and appliqued; coins and beads; 2022; $325.00

Think About It

24′ X 48″, acrylic on canvas, 2016; $1,750.00

What more needs to be said? We are all one people.

Khutswe – Dusk

24′ X 48″ – acrylic on canvas, 2021; $1,500.00

Inspired by a memory of looking out over Khutswe Pan in the central Kalahari of Botswana as a variety of animals came down to drink – and hunt – at dusk; springbok, wild dogs, and a leopard!

G-7 at St. Ives

12″ X 24″ – acrylic on canvas, 2021; $500.00

Late afternoon as world leaders adjourn to the beach to continue their discussions and ponder what’s for dinner.