Selective Prints & Paintings – Craig Fisher

Transit of Venus

Venus was venerated around may cultures over a millennium. The Egyptian’s God Horus, Greek goddess of love, a Mayan serpent deity. They are both powerful visual elements full of dynamic images that the transit made all the more powerful. Here is a print that exploits the monumental as it pays homage to the cosmic phenomena of Venus passing before the sun.
13″w x 24″h etching (with aquatint and chine colle) on Rives BFK 300gm- Color added by way of two color Japanese woodblock print made to Thai kozo paper (natural)
Date:march, 2017
price: $600


This print was part of a series that borrowed heavily from the designs built into our American Paper Money. Our currency art elements have not changed much from the early 19th century. Here, I used engraved art elements alongside a model I sketched in a life drawing class.
12″w x 18″h mezzotint on Hahnemuhler 300gm-
date: November, 2020
price: $550

The Step Well

I visited a step well in India while on a trip. Its an amazing space built down on succeeding negative voids to haul water. The angular shapes seemed to demand a circle in the center.
18″w x 24″h etching (with aquatint and chine colle) on Hahnemuhler 300gm- Color added handcut pieces of Thai Unryu and joined with carrier sheet of Rives BFK
date: February, 2019
price: $600


This image builds out a metaphor for our electronic age. Below a quiet city spreads out against the cell tower playing host to a clutch of vultures.
18″w x 24″h etching (with aquatint and chine colle) on Hahnemuhler 300gm- Color added by selective wiping (a la poupeé) Art was grcreated using a combination of hard ground and soft ground etching.

date: Nov, 2021
price: $550

Chasing the Oculus

When the eighteenth century artist and archeologist Giovanni Piranesi visited the ancient Roman edifice known as the Pantheon, it was already steeped in mystery as one of the few classical interiors to survive from imperial Rome. In his print series Vedute di Roma (Views of Rome), he captured the unique space which I have revisited in this print, “Chasing the Oculus”. I employed reticulated and articulated geometric shapes to give contrast and to bring a sense of depth to this cut-away interior shell of this Roman landmark.
18″w x 24″h etching on Arnhem white- Color added by selective wiping (a la poupeé)
date: Nov, 2021
price: $600

Oean Swells

12″w x 18″h three color etching on Hahnemuhler 300gm- Color added by way of two copper plates
date: January, 2022
price: $550



Both the ossuary containing the skeleton as well as the sunken ship are “vessels” and seemed to play into the mezzotint technique rather well.
12″w x 18″h two color mezzotint on Hahnemuhler 300gm- Color added by selective wiping (a la poupeé)


Students of early American landscape art may be familiar with a (1806) painting my Charles Peale titled “The Exhumation of the Mastodon”. The painting describes the discovery of an ancient mastodon skeleton in New York in the early 19th century. Paleontology was in its infancy and Americans were beginning to piece together the fact that the age of our planet was much older than previously thought. Aside from the artifacts exhumed, the confluence of hardware (pullies, winches, etc.) created to unearth my puzzle-like “oddity”, was inspiration for “Relic”.

18″ x 24″ intaglio etching (with aquatint and chine colle) on Arnhem1618 300gm with kitikata(kozo paper) cut to shape and applies with wheat paste to the carrier sheet.
date: April, 2021
price: $500


I have been playing with the pure geometric form of the Torus in some etchings. In the field of topology, a torus is any topological space that is topologically equivalent to a torus. A coffee cup and a doughnut are both topological tori. What I explored is a reticulated Tori in which a quarter of the donut shape is a repeat of holes. You can see through it and in so doing is a space, within a space.
60″w x 80″h Acrylic painting on canvas
date: November, 2020
price: $2900.00


Tensegrity is a term created by Buckminster Fuller but fully realized in the floating compression creations of Kenneth Nelson. These works were self-sustaining “constructs” held together with cables under continuous tension. Tensegrity is an exploration of constructs both real and
perceived. In my painting, I borrowed from this very engineered form of sculpture.
60″w x 80″h Acrylic painting on canvas
date: October, 2020
price: $3000.00